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I wanted to give Duck Tales another go, but for some reason this collection has disappeared from my list of purchased games, even though I've still got the trophies and corresponding play time. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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Give Sony PlayStation a ring and they'll probably fix it for you.



@ShaiHulud hang on this is the second thread of this sort and I have lost bombing busters from my list of games. Wtf is going on?

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I'm missing Disney Afternoon Collection, Bombing Busters, and Gran Turismo Sport...WTF?!

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iv only checked on ducktails (its still available on the store) but it sounds like some sort of an error in the system

you should all contact PlayStation!

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On a PS5 Go to Settings , Users and Accounts , Other , Restore Licences. In order to restore games that are missing from your list. The is similar functionality in the PS4 menus but I no longer have a PS4 and can’t remember the details.

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@Ryall Cheers, I'll try that later this afternoon!

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Have you tried downloading it from the store? I had this problem a few months ago. Games I'd bought weren't appearing in my library, but I could still download them from the store...



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