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I have a question about switching my PS+ account to another profile, then allowing multiple other users to use it on multiple PS4's in the same household.

The scenario is as follows:

  • We purchased a family PS4 earlier this year, and I signed up for PS+ primarily for playing COD etc. online.
  • When we got locked down in March and I started working from home, I setup office in my garage, and purchased my own PS4 for that office, so we now have 2 PS4's. I kept the family PS4 as the primary device so the family continued playing purchased games, whilst I could do the same on my PS4.
  • With fear of you all stopping reading now, I then upgraded the PC I bought from work (decent spec, just needed a better graphics card and PSU) into a gaming PC (boo, hiss), so I'm now using that, and have given my PS4 to my eldest daughter, as there was always a bit of a battle over the family one, so this solved that.
  • Now however we have a problem. My wife and 2 kids all have their own profiles, game accounts, etc., and clearly don't want to use mine. I made the second PS4 (that I gave to our eldest daughter) the primary PS4, but now my wife and other daughter can't play games purchased through my PS+ account. If I switch primary device, it just switches the problem to our eldest daughter, because none of them are signing in as me, the PS+ owner.

The solution I'm thinking about is signing up for a PS+ account for my eldest daughter, as she has her own PS4, the other is shared between my wife and youngest daughter. I then make the family PS4 the primary, but my other daughter can still use everything because she is the PS+ owner. I then deactivate my own PS+ account.

The question is, as long as I leave my profile on both PS4's, but deactivate my PS+ account, will all games purchased still be available to use, or would these be deactivated?

And is this the best way of getting around this issue?

I hope this makes sense, I would be grateful for any advice please.



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