Topic: Strange “lighting” glitches with TLOU2 on PS5

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I just got a PS5, finally, and have only played two games on it so far: Rachet & Clank - Rift Apart and relaying TLOU2 just for the upgrades. I started with TLOU2 and became concerned that my console had issues because the game PLAYS fine but has visual blips on the screen that are noticeable and distracting. Ratchet & Clank seems to have no issues (no glitches so far) so I don’t know what the issue is with TLOU2, but at least it seems like it’s probably the game itself and not the console. I still have a PS4 and it always played almost perfect on that even when completing the game multiple times. The glitches occur in specific parts of the game on my PS5 but NOT when I compared again on the PS4. They look like blips of light or lines sometimes when I pan the camera back and forth over a certain spot at a certain angle; then they disappear and reappear when I pan back. The first occurred at the part in the Seraphites chapter where Ellie is in the office building with the broken elevator and the locked conference room on the second floor. It happens each time I have gone back to the chapter when I am standing behind the desk on the first floor of that building. It’s like a flash of light that is scattered in a bit of a pattern and occurs elsewhere in the game with the same traits. The game doesn’t crash at all, and the gameplay itself is fine other than one time a door wouldn’t open with the triangle prompt and a safe code dial stopped turning, but both of those were resolved by restarting the checkpoint that was less than a minute old. I even bought a 4K tv to see if that was the issue since I was previously playing my 1080p that I’ve had for several years. That hasn’t stopped the glitches. Has anyone else experienced this with the 1.09 update or have any possible solutions? Thanks!

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