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So I upgraded to this “4k Uhd tv” and while playing spiderman on game mode or dynamic mode I still see jagged lines I changed and tried every resolution from the Ps4 itself but to no avail. I’m starting to wonder if I can make my Tv render like the guy in this video “ “ I watched the video on my smart tv and it was astonishing but mine is not giving the same image. Could it be my Ps4? Maybe the hdmi I’m using? I’m using the switch’s hdmi because I swap hdmi between Ps4 and switch. Tweaked almost everything on the tv as well to no avail. Tv is a Samsung series 7 Nu7090.



Maybe the switch cable is a cheap one right? Gotta get a new cable and I’ll update thanks !@MadAussieBloke



@Reverselolo If you are using a PS4 Slim, you are limited to just 1080p and that will not give the sharpest lines on a 4k TV. I bet the guy is using a PS4 Pro and getting 1440-1572p upscaled to 2160p by the PS4 Pro to get that image quality and sharpness.

Upgrading a TV is only half the equation - you need a device that can also run the games at higher resolution too. Upscaling full HD to fit a 4k display is like watching SD on a HD TV. A full HD game only has enough pixels to fill 25% of the 4k screen and upscaling basically fills in the other 75% by interpolation.

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