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At the end of restoring my licenses, the numbers skip by a huge margin to complete the restoration. Is this normal or is it a glitch? Also, the more content that I purchase, the larger the margin gets. Despite this, my licenses are still able to restore successfully. See exactly what happens in the video below. If it's too long to watch, skip the video until the end to see when the skipping numbers happen. Thanks.

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@Darthy09 I wouldn't worry too much, especially if (as you say) your licences restore successfully. Similar things happen in computing all the time, or at least seem to from my perspective (as I'm somebody who can't leave a task in progress, thanks OCD). There's likely a background process going on that's checking against a cache or something else, and then it gets to a certain point and goes "yep, all good here, no need to drag this out any longer".

That being said, I've no idea what restoring licences even is, nor have I ever had to do it myself on my own console, so I could be talking nonsense here. If you were missing something, or the process failed, I'd suggest contacting Sony but as you say, everything restores okay in the end, so... yay?

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