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Hi, I'll try to make my long story short and as detailed as I can.

I pre-ordered the Far Cry 5 Gold Edition months ago. When you purchase content on the PlayStation Store, it says Purchased and you can't purchase it again. However, for some really odd reason the Far Cry 5 Deluxe Pack was still available for purchase. This really confused me. I was pretty sure that I owned it because it comes with the Season Pass and the Season Pass comes with the Gold Edition which I already had. Due to my bad OCD, I purchased the Deluxe Pack and after purchasing it, it was still available for purchase, oddly. I still wasn't sure if I owned the DLC so I purchased the DLC 3 more times hoping that it would say that it's purchased and I can't purchase it again. Unfortunately, I wasted my money and the Deluxe Pack was still available for purchase.

I then called PlayStation Support and spoke with an agent. I got a refund for the 4 Deluxe Packs, thankfully. But there's a really big catch. He asked me to restore my licenses. I restored them and I got error code NP-34991-6 at exactly 7 seconds left of the restoration. Things got much worse from here. The agent told me that the error code was network related and had nothing to do with refunding me the 4 Deluxe Packs. I tested my network and even reset my router and my internet was working perfectly fine. I tried restoring my licenses again and got the error code again. The agent then told me to restore my PS4's database and initialize it. I did both and even deactivated my PS4 and reactivated it. I still got the error code. From all the agents I spoke with, they said that there was nothing else that I could do and they tried everything but couldn't help me solve the error code issue.

I then had an idea. I bought the Deluxe Pack again and I was all of a sudden able to restore my licenses again.
This was great news. But there's a big catch again. At the end of restoring my licenses, under where it says Restoring licenses... it would skip from 669/765 (7 Seconds Left) all the way down to 764/765 (1 Second Left) and then to 765/765 (0 Seconds Left) and completes the restoration.

Does the 7 seconds ring a bell at all? I was getting the error code at exactly 7 seconds left of restoring my licenses! I'm convinced that this situation is a glitch because of this. PlayStation Support and Ubisoft together screwed me royally! PlayStation Support were so clueless about this situation. I have no idea why the numbers are skipping at the end. Maybe my Far Cry 5 license is glitched? Maybe it's skipping restoring my Far Cry 5 license? The good news is that I can still play all my games and access all my content. My licenses are also able to restore successfully depite the numbers skipping at the end. After speaking with many PS4 users, they said that their licenses restore at a completely normal pace and the numbers aren't skipping by a large margin at the end of the restoration. I really hope that this isn't a glitch that is unique to my account. Can I possibly be the only PS4 user on the planet having this issue? Everyone I talk to is so clueless about it.

It's just that the numbers skipping at the end is really bothering me and I can't address this issue at all. For proof that PlayStation Support and Ubisoft teamed up and most likely glitched my account is that I got a refund for the Deluxe Pack again and I restored my licenses right after that and got the error code again. So the root of the issue obviously has to do with Far Cry 5 and perhaps my license for it is glitched and so is all the content for the game on the store such as the Deluxe Pack. I really thought that if I get a refund for all of my Far Cry 5 content including the game itself, my license for it would get wiped out of my account and my licenses would restore at a normal pace again. Sadly, I reached my limit of getting refunds for content that I purchased on the store :/

What's really concerning now is that the more content that I purchase on the store and licenses I add, the more the numbers skip at the end of restoring my licenses. So the margin is growing bigger and bigger. How big is it going to get and will this eventually lead to getting another error code or not being able to use my content at all???

Anyways, sorry for this really long text and I hope you took the time to read it all and understand it.

If you're curious to see the numbers skipping in action, watch my video below. After purchasing a lot more content on the store, at the end of restoring my licenses, it's now skipping from 891/1026 (12 Seconds Left) to 1025/1026 (1 Second Left) and to 1026/1026 (0 Seconds Left) and completes the restoration.

So to conclude this, am I worrying about the numbers skipping for nothing? Do you think that this is a glitch or is it a normal occurrence that other PS4 users get too? Do your numbers skip a lot at the end of restoring your licenses too? Is there a way to fix this issue or do I have to accept it and move on?

Thanks -Darthy09

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