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Anyone else having issues with the deluxe code?
I have redeemed it and it’s in my purchase history but the game seems unchanged from the install and I can’t access the add-ons from anywhere. They are not mentioned in game content.

Appreciate any heads up on this.


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Kalypso media were very prompt in helping with the issue. Apparently there is no obvious in game graphic that declares that you are running the deluxe version. Starting a new game on the advice of the kalypso team, did indeed show the bonus deluxe materials, armour, weapons, etc. Being allocated to my new game. The other bits of the deluxe version including the soundtrack, compendium and wallpapers can be downloaded from:

Hope this helps anyone as confused as I was.



@Gazwang29 Thanks for updating, the ~100 people that are gonna google it 3~5 years later are gonna be extremely thankful (I'm being serious, I've been helped by a lot of people like yourself, we appreciate you)

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That's been my Motto for a few years and I try to applicate it in the smallest and biggest things (living the cold milk for someone else? )

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