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I have a small Instagram page where I post screenshots, I try and take around 30 a week and I’ve been saving them to my phone by sending them to my brothers acc and downloading them off the psmessagenger app, thismorning I noticed when I try and send messages it says “cannot send attachment” I have tried freeing up space and deleting some old screenshots but nothing is working. Please help me as I want to keep my page active



@JDeRosa69 The PSN messaging system (both on console and via the app) can become incredibly buggy the more you use it. I've had long, screencap-heavy conversation threads crash on me multiple times, and it's only gonna be worse this year, with more people stuck home using it.

If the problem hasn't fixed itself, try rebooting all of your devices, signing in and out a couple times and, if all else fails, starting a new conversation with somebody else (if that's possible).

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@JDeRosa69 The PS Messages app is going to going to be discontinued at the end of the month and it will all be integrated into one PS App. I think some functionality of the app had been disabled last week, so I'm afraid your current method may no longer work.

I use to have send screen grabs to someone and then download them to my device, but I didn't really wanna spam them with random pictures. But I found an easier way to do it.

Uploading a screenshot
1. Press the SHARE button on the image you want to save, and then select [Screenshot] to capture and save the screenshot.
2. Select an upload destination.
Select (Activities) to upload the screenshot to PlayStation™Network and share it as an activity.
3. Select the screenshot.
4. Add comments, choose other options, and then select [Share].
5. Open up the PS App on your mobile device. Find the screen shot you want to save. It may take a couple of minutes for them to appear. Tap on the image twice. If you have an android device tap on the three dots menu in top right hand corner and select 'Save Image'.

You can then access the image on your device.

Hope this helps!

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Would be good it could use the PS Save Game Cloud to retain screenshots you make from PS4. Then be able to access this from web browser or a dedicate app like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive etc for easy transfer.

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