Call of Duty: Vanguard launched this past Friday to once again transport players to the dramatic theatres of war set across WWII. Such an event gave video editors Liam and Aaron a good excuse to duke it out in another edition of Franchise Wars, in which both video editors battle it out to debate their favourite Call of Duty entry from the series. The scenes were bloody, the shots taken brutal – and that’s all before either person had settled on which game to pick.

It's up to you to decide which host made the best case for their game, judging by the three chosen categories: story, setting, and multiplayer. Odds are, though, you have your own personal preferred Call of Duty game from over the years, so we’re also encouraging you to have your say via the poll below. Aaron is bitter after losing out last time to Liam’s choice for the best Far Cry game, so the fight is on to decide which person came out on top.

Which Call of Duty game is the best?