Last week saw Far Cry 6 finally launch on PlayStation 5 and PS4, allowing players to set off on another sun-drenched and chaos-filled first-person adventure – this time set amongst the vistas of the Cuban-inspired Yara. This got us thinking, though: what are the best Far Cry games leading up to this point? Video editors Aaron Potter and Liam Richardson both have their favourites, and so decided to battle it out in this inaugural edition of Franchise Wars.

Each host makes a case for what they think represents the height of the Far Cry franchise, judging their chosen entry on story, world, and weapons. What game did each choose and who came out on top? That’s for you to decide in the comments below. Also let us know what you think of this new video format. If you enjoyed watching and want to see more, we’ll be sure to make it happen.

What's the best Far Cry game so far?