Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

We're nearly into The Spooky Month, otherwise known as October, otherwise known as the month with all the games. There's a lot of stuff on the horizon to be excited about, but what are we playing in the meantime? Time to find out.

Khayl Adam

I'm still on a review, but I found a bit of time to boot up the revamped Cyberpunk 2077 2.0, and wow, it does finally feel like the game it was meant to be! Add to that today's big Baldur's Gate 3 patch, and there is very little reason for me to come up for air.

Robert Ramsey

I've been on review duty for what feels like an age, and that won't be changing this weekend. I can't talk about the game I'm covering (yet!), but I can reveal my plans to play around in Cyberpunk 2077, which really has consumed me over the last few weeks.

Scott McCrae

I'll probably play Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways this weekend. That, and tell myself I'll finally finish Tears of the Kingdom before playing Street Fighter 6 all weekend.

Stephen Tailby

I've been hopping in and out of The Crew Motorfest, so probably continue plugging away at that over the weekend. However, I'll be mostly playing one or two smaller games for review purposes, so my Hawaii road trip may have to take a backseat.

That's it from us, so it's over to you. What are you lot playing this weekend? Tell us, as always, in the comments section below.