Preview: Luna Abyss Is the Thrilling Bullet Hell Demonspawn of DOOM and Returnal 1

It feels like it's been a while since we've had an exciting new single-player FPS on PS5. Sure, there've been a few releases here and there, like last year's Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, but nothing has really had the same impact as when DOOM Eternal or Metro Exodus released. However, Luna Abyss could be that next game with its rock-solid gunplay and breakneck pace.

We went hands-on with the game at WASD in London and got a glimpse at the game's blend of shooting, puzzle solving, and traversal. Broadly, the gameplay of Luna Abyss isn't too different from the likes of other bullet-hell shooters or FPS titles. Think of the DOOM series and Returnal; you move through a series of rooms alternating between killing a bunch of cosmic alien horrors and solving puzzles by shooting switches or opening doors.

What sets Luna Abyss apart is that the game implements a soft lock-on feature, allowing you to target any enemy in front of you with a trigger press and have the bullets from your rifle, or energy shots from your shotgun, automatically hit whomever you're locked onto. This doesn’t take away any of the skill or challenge that comes from the genre. Instead, it shakes things up enough, and allows the game to play at such an intense speed, that the challenge comes from being able to dodge the dozens of balls of energy. Or, from avoiding shots from aliens running around an arena, as you jump across gaps and between platforms while still targeting your foes.

Unlike the large open environments in Returnal, the arenas in Luna Abyss are small, which makes being able to do all of this a real challenge, especially when facing off against a large group of enemies or a boss. There's a real thrill to pulling off kills as you leap across an arena or weave in and out of enemy attacks, all while still being able to pick off the aliens looking to end your onslaught.

We had a blast tearing through rooms of aliens, switching weapons to damage energy shields with the shotgun and then blasting baddies with a barrage of rifle shots. This ability to lock onto targets means you can also run through rooms activating switches and opening doors without needing to sit and wait for an animation to play out. All you have to do is shoot them.

In between these fights, the eerie and haunting colony that the alien force has overrun is captivating. The game's brown pipework and buildings are accented by piercing red lights that filter between gaps in the skyline and walls and strike your eyes, giving Luna Abyss a distinct look.

Screenshots show off large alien megastructures and outdoor environments, so everything won’t be taking place in dank, dark facilities. We're intrigued to see how combat holds up in those larger environments.

Despite being announced several years ago, Luna Abyss has fallen under the radar so far. After going hands-on, and seeing even more locations, enemy types, and weapons in trailers and gameplay, it could be an explosion of energy for the FPS genre when it releases.

Luna Abyss is coming to PS5, currently with no set date. Are you excited for this stylish bullet hell shooter? Let us know in the comments section below.