Gran Turismo 7 Poll

Gran Turismo 7's been out for a good couple of weeks now, and you know what that means! Sony's latest driving simulator was met with glowing reviews just before launch, but it's fair to say that the PlayStation exclusive has had to endure a rough road since.

We gave the game a hugely positive 9/10 in our Gran Turismo 7 PS5 review, concluding that "Gran Turismo 7 is a game for everyone: the racing enthusiasts, the novices, and anyone in between." High praise.

But again, the obsessively detailed racer has recently run into trouble. For starters, just after launch, in-game currency gains from certain tracks and events were lowered — potentially pushing players towards microtransactions. Then, not long after that controversy, GT7's servers were knocked offline for around 24 hours, preventing players from actually playing a lot of the game. This all led to GT7 getting review bombed on Metacritic, where it now commands the lowest user review average of any PlayStation exclusive ever.

Despite all of this, though, GT7 appears to be selling really well. It's been at the top of the UK sales charts for three straight weeks now. Impressive.

But what do you think of Gran Turismo 7? Is it a truly great game let down by daft decisions? Or is it a disappointing instalment in Sony's flagship driving series? Vote in our polls, and then remember to brake in the comments section below.

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