• News Evidence Continues to Pile Up For a New Mafia Game on PS4

    We'll make you an offer

    There must be a few mobsters over at Take Two with plenty of secrets in the trunk of their car right now, because the evidence of a new Mafia game continues to pile up. Back in May, the publisher confirmed that it's got a AAA-title in the works, and before that, voice actor Rick Pasqualone - who played the main character in...




  • News Take-Two Won't Say No to a Grand Theft Auto HD Collection

    Who would?

    During a recent investor call, publisher Take-Two's CEO declared that he "wouldn't rule anything out", regarding a possible HD collection of Grand Theft Auto titles. "Our labels are driven by the desire to delight consumers and pursue their creative passions, and that's been a formula that's worked extraordinarily well for this company,"...


  • News Those Embarrassed by Wii Will Flock to Move, Reckons Take-Two CEO

    Users "graduating" to HD devices

    The Wii has brought a huge number of people into gaming, from undergraduates to granddads, but many see the PlayStation Move as the next logical step: more precise and with greater graphical power behind it, it's more an evolution than a revolution. Take-Two's CEO Ben Feder spoke at a conference recently about how...