• Review SingStar: Celebration (PS4)

    Bum note

    Another year, another karaoke game. After a disappointing debut PlayStation 4 instalment, Sony’s London Studio is back with SingStar: Celebration, another title in the publisher’s new lineup of PlayLink games. Available to play with microphones, a PlayStation Camera (remember those?), or the Singstar Mic mobile app, this year's edition...


  • Review PlayStation VR Worlds (PS4)

    A worldie?

    No new hardware launch is complete without a minigame collection; PlayStation VR Worlds, however, is not your average Wii Sports knock-off. Developed by Sony's own London Studio, this is a hodgepodge package collating the half-dozen or so tech demos that the studio has concocted over the years. As such, while the compilation includes some...


  • Review Everybody Dance (PlayStation 3)

    The real party starter

    The wait for a killer app PlayStation Move dancing game seems baffling at times: although Kinect launched with the excellent Dance Central from Harmonix, it took three years for the Wii to really ignite the trend with Ubisoft’s original Just Dance. Here we are, 14 months on since the peripheral first launched and ready to...


  • Review SingStar Dance (PlayStation 3)

    Bust a Move

    When you’ve been the leading karaoke title for the past six years, how do you keep the experience fresh? That’s the rather fortunate problem facing SingStar, and this year has seen two significant additions to the formula, first in the form of SingStar Guitar and now with SingStar Dance for PlayStation Move. Rather than hold a Move...


  • Review SingStar Guitar (PlayStation 3)

    As far as we're concerned, SingStar's baseline presentation remains head-and-shoulders above the current crop of high profile competition

    As such, if you like SingStar — and you've got a couple of Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars lying around — you'll probably enjoy SingStar Guitar. Someone, somewhere is probably planning on writing an epistle...

  • Review EyePet (PlayStation Portable)

    Remember: a dog is not just for Christmas, but an Eye Pet is

    If we were presented with Eye Pet PSP as a child on Christmas morning, we'd have been beyond delighted. The game's low on content, but the initial "wow" factor of watching a desk, table, car-backseat or garden transform into a variety of environments in which the Eye Pet can play...


  • Review EyePet: Move Edition (PlayStation 3)

    An EyePet is for life, not just for hardware launches

    EyePet was originally released in Europe at the end of 2009, long before the arrival of PlayStation Move. Back then the game only required a PlayStation Eye, with everything controlled by your hands and a piece of plastic that you held up to the camera. It worked rather well for what it was, but...


  • Review SingStar: Take That (PlayStation 3)

    The price is right and the song selection is solid, thus Take That nuts will find it rather difficult to be displeased with SingStar: Take That

    In all honesty, we could write this review with just a few words: Do you like Take That? Do you like karaoke? If yes then buy, buy, buy. See, we told you. But we're "professionals" so we best drag...


  • Review SingStar: Motown (PlayStation 3)

    SingStar: Motown is essentially a glorified track-pack

    Still, the range of quality music, low price and typical SingStar options continue to make the franchise a success — if not a somewhat niche one these days. There's something wrong with you if you don't like Motown. A glory era in the age of pop, the Motown record label is synonymous for...


  • Review SingStar Pop Edition (PlayStation 3)

    Music games have a huge pool of popularity just now

    You've got Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Rock Revolution - erm - Wii Music and many more. All of which cater to different crowds and different types of music genres. In the cases of the aforementioned - Wii Music's nursery rhymes aside - it's usually the commercial rock crowd. Thank goodness for...