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    Review Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD

    A remastered oddysee

    When the Oddworld franchise made the move to 3D, the developer decided that many of the older 2D mechanics needed to come along with it. Saving captured innocents while solving puzzles and farting way more than is funny was still the name of the game, only now there were beautiful, wide environments to explore and a new...


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    Review Gravity Crash Ultra

    Worth the weight?

    Gravity has its uses, nobody can argue that. If it disappeared right now, the entire bungee jumping industry would collapse overnight, and there’d probably be some other, less important side effects as well. In some cases, gravity actively works against our goals, highlighted best by Gravity Crash Ultra, and by the many bumps,...



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    Review Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD

    Oddly compelling

    Developer Just Add Water's done an outstanding job of making the XBOX original look and feel relevant on PlayStation 3, allowing the game's bizarre mix of stealth and shooting to stand up on its own. Some irritating voice acting and offensive difficulty spikes harm the game's appeal, but Stranger's Wrath HD is still a curiously...


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    Review Gravity Crash

    Just Add Water's Gravity Crash is a retro-inspired dual-joystick shooter with a tinge of Sony's "Play Create Share" genre thrown in

    The shooter includes a complete level editor, allowing you to create entire levels and share them online with other players. Gravity Crash takes a futuristic, neon spin on the retro-space shooters of old, setting you...