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  • News Valkyria Chronicles 4 Demo Rolls Out on PS4

    Roger that

    Hit up the European PlayStation Store right now and you should be able to find a playable demo for upcoming strategy role-playing title Valkyria Chronicles 4. You can find it by either going to 'games' and then 'demos', and then scrolling along to 'see all', or you can simply search for Valkyria Chronicles 4 and it should pop up. The...




  • News Valkyria Chronicles 4 Will March West This Fall


    Ahead of the game's Japanese launch next week, SEGA has attached a Fall 2018 release window to Valkyria Chronicles 4 here in the West. Previously, a vague '2018' was all that we had to go on. What's more, the title's official English site is now open. It's got details on the story and characters and all that stuff. We imagine that we'll be...














  • News SEGA Considering A Sequel To Cult-Smash Valkyria Chronicles

    Hey SEGA, how are you doing? Here's a hint -- if you do make a sequel to the cult smash Valkyria Chronicles, perhaps give it a teeny bit of promotion and actually make it available in stores

    It's been months later and we still haven't seen a copy in our favourite game stores. Regardless of our issues with the original games marketing — we know there are a ton of people out there who genuinely..

  • News Valkyria Chronicles DLC Available From April 16th

    Remember that awesome RPG that came out on the PS3 called Valkyria Chronicles? No? Oh right, that's because the game got absolutely zero marketing and store presence

    Well anyway, you might have heard it's become quite the cult favourite. And guess what fans, DLC is on the way. In a few weeks to be exact. There will be three packs available, each costing £3.19 ($3.99). Hard EX Mode adds a new..


  • News Who Wants Some Weird Valkyria Chronicles Figurines?

    SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles didn't really sell particularly well outside of Japan

    Probably due to the obscure genre and a real lack of any marketing push. It was, however, a moderate success in Japan, spawning an anime series and these new, erm, swimwear toy capsules. The outfits are based on an unlockable chapter in the game where the members of Squad 7 head to the beach. If you happen to be in..

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