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  • News Twitch Streams to PS Vita Screens with New App

    Live and kicking

    While Sony's busy removing apps from the PlayStation Vita, Twitch has opted to roll out its own official client for the portable. The free download – which weighs in at 16.7MB and is available now in Europe – will allow you to watch livestreams and recorded videos, and is even compatible with the ill-fated PlayStation TV. It's...


  • News PS4's Twitch App Streams to the NA PlayStation Store

    Stream scene

    If you've been twitching over the prospect of watching people play video games on your, er, video game console ever since a native Twitch app was announced for the PlayStation 4, then you may be thrilled to learn that the functionality has rolled out in North America today. It's important to note that this isn't a replacement for Live...


  • News Twitch App to Stream to PS4, PS3, and Vita This Year

    Watch people play games on your games console

    The stream scene has been twitching for one very important feature since the PlayStation 4's launch: a native Twitch app allowing all broadcasts to be viewed on the new-gen console. There's good news coming out of TwitchCon 2015 today, then, as it's been announced that a new client will deploy on the...


  • News Sony's Stopping Twitch Streamers from Archiving Until Dawn


    We're not entirely sure how we feel about this one. A tweet by Twitch Support appears to allude to the fact that Sony has disabled archiving on Until Dawn, preventing people from replaying streams that have since concluded. This could be a simple error on the platform holder's part, but it seems like a calculated decision to stop the story...






  • News The Playroom Has Been Completely Removed from Twitch's Directory

    This is why we can't have nice things

    In what can only be described as a virtual slap on the wrist, video game streaming service Twitch has removed The Playroom from its directory. The move comes soon after the company's pledge to stamp out any lewd behaviour on the service, and is undoubtedly a reaction to the plethora of non-ga

  • News Twitch Cracks Down on Lewd PS4 Broadcasts

    Be sensible

    It may be called The Playroom, but Twitch has vowed to put a stop to any streams not playing with the PlayStation 4 exclusive as intended. Late last week we reported that a couple had set up a live phone-in show via the augmented reality application, and that was fine – until others copied the idea and started running racy webcam...



  • E3 2013 Don't Worry, Twitch Could Still Come to PS4

    Streaming like a machine

    While you’ll be able to broadcast live gameplay from your PlayStation 4 to Ustream, slightly more popular service Twitch is off the cards for the time being. However, despite Microsoft insinuating that it had locked up support with the online streaming site, company vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro has...