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  • News The Division 2 Campaign and Endgame Can Be Played Single-Player

    Lone wolf

    The Division 2 won't force you to group up with friends or randoms, Ubisoft has confirmed. Much like the first game, you'll be able to fly solo and enjoy just about everything that the title has to offer without forming a squad. Game director Mathias Karlson told Aus Gamers: "You can play through the entire story campaign into endgame and...



  • News The Division 2 Is in Development, First Look at E3 2018

    Lock and load

    Yep, it looks like The Division 2 is happening. The follow-up to Ubisoft's shared world shooter, developer Massive Entertainment is once again behind the wheel. There's no release window or anything like that just yet, but we'll be getting our first look at the sequel during E3 2018 this summer. The Division -- the original one...


  • News Play The Division For Free This Weekend, Starting Today

    The whole game is yours to try

    The Division is one of those games that just couldn't seem to sustain its own hype, despite Ubisoft's best efforts to build upon the initial release and keep people invested. Still, the publisher hasn't given up on the title just yet as it's attempting to reel new players in with a free weekend. Yep, the full...

  • News Play The Division for Free on PS4 All This Weekend

    Snow joke

    The benefit of these service games that Ubisoft keeps putting out is that they lend themselves well to promotional weekends, and The Division is no different. Starting at 00:01 PDT on 4th May, you'll be able to download and play Massive Entertainment's loot shooter for free on the PlayStation 4 all weekend. You'll need to be a PlayStation...


  • News The Division Suits Up with Sharper Graphics on PS4 Pro

    People still play this?

    We're going to let you in on a secret here: no one on our team voted for The Division in our Game of the Year ballot. In fact, it feels like Ubisoft's military role-playing release has been… For want of a better word, forgotten. Perhaps by players, but not by the publisher: the game will be updated imminently with...






  • Poll Are You Still Playing The Division on PS4?

    Has Ubisoft's latest done enough?

    Tom Clancy's The Division has been a success commercially - there's no doubt about that - but now that the game's been out for a few weeks, we thought that it might be interesting to see what you lot think of it. Indeed, if we cast our minds back to the heady days of Destiny and its highly anticipated launch, just...

  • 29


    Review Tom Clancy's The Division

    Flu York, Flu York

    In The Division it's amazing how quickly society goes to pieces. Admittedly, a genetically engineered super virus that manages to wipe out a large swathe of New York's population seems a reasonable catalyst, but you would have thought that it would have taken more than a few weeks for things to get as messed up as this. Anyhow, in...

  • News The Division PS4 Patch 1.0.2 Aims to Improve the End Game

    Dark zone

    As is the danger for games of The Division's ilk, many players have already raced to the level cap, leaving little for them to do. Unsurprisingly, then, Ubisoft's first big patch for the looter shooter will revolve around the Dark Zone, improving the rewards that you accrue for going Rogue and more – though a last minute change has seen...

  • Guide The Division PS4 - Skills, Talents, Stats, and Perks Explained

    Understand the shooter's many systems

    Getting to grips with The Division takes more mental fortitude than a medical professional performing brain surgery. For all of the advantages so very obviously present in Ubisoft's post-pandemic role-playing release, the early hours of the game can be mind numbing, as developer Massive unloads intel like it's...

  • Hands On The Division's a Clinical But Compelling PS4 Shooter

    Empire elated?

    Hit making is really, really hard. Pop stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber may very well have raw talent, but it's down to their respective record labels to extract that in order to turn them into superstars. And it takes a team of incredibly intelligent people – writers, stylists, producers, engineers, choreographers,...

  • News The Division Is Ubisoft's Fastest Selling Game of All Time

    Snow joke

    Ubisoft's been obsessed with The Division's record breaking success ever since its announcement, but this is the accolade it's been waiting for: the post-pandemic shooter is officially the French firm's fastest selling game of all time. According to the organisation, the title sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any other in the...

  • News Ubisoft Told a Porky, You Can't Improve The Division's Frame Rate on PS4

    Oh, Ubisoft

    You see, Ubisoft, it's daft statements like this that come back to bite you when they turn out to be wrong. Last month, a representative of the company stated that console players would be able to improve the game's frame rate by tweaking the title's graphical settings in the option menu. "I don't know of another game that does that off...

  • News The Division Launches with an Easy Way to Grief New Players

    Thankfully, there's a workaround

    It certainly didn't take long for players to find a way to grief each other in Tom Clancy's The Division. As reported by Eurogamer, you're put in a small room near the start of the game following a cutscene with a main character. When the cinematic is over, another Agent can stand in the room's doorway and block your...

  • Live Watch As We Go Hands On with The Division on PS4

    Made it to Manhattan

    The Division is out now on the PlayStation 4 – well, in Europe at least. To celebrate that fact, we're putting the game through its paces live on our YouTube channel now. If you're not able to watch right now, then you'll find an archive of the stream embedded for posterity above.

  • News Not All of The Division's Expansions Will Arrive Late on PS4

    In fact, only two will

    Those of you that were paying attention may remember that we reported all of The Division's DLC would arrive late on the PlayStation 4 due to a marketing arrangement with Microsoft – but that's not actually the case. Ubisoft's currently got three paid expansions planned for the post-pandemic shooter, though only two of...

  • Competition Win The Division Merch from Numskull Designs

    <3 NY

    You may think that you're ready to brave the Dark Zone, but we beg to differ. To celebrate the release of Tom Clancy's The Division this week, we've teamed up with Numskull Designs to giveaway a couple of pieces of officially licensed merchandise to two lucky winners. Up for grabs include a licensed Toxic City tee in the size of your choosing...

  • News The Division's Servers Are Up Earlier than Expected

    Good news if you've snagged an early copy

    Ubisoft stated last week that Tom Clancy's The Division's servers would go live later today, but it looks like they're already up and running if various reports around the 'net are to be believed. Some early players claim that they've been enjoying the release since this morning, while others are busy...

  • News The Division's PS4 Trophies Touch Down in Manhattan

    New York, New York

    The Division may be out next week, but considering Ubisoft's decision to delay review codes until launch day, no one's really got hands-on time with the final version yet. Fortunately, the New York-based shooter's Trophies have emerged online, giving us a little something to talk about prior to launch. In truth, this looks like...

  • News You Won't Be Reading Any The Division Reviews on Launch Day

    Shot down

    Some people won't be happy about this, but we're not really sure how else it could work. In a public post on its official blog, Ubisoft has outlined what we can all expect from Tom Clancy's The Division on launch day. The gist of it is that you won't be reading any reviews before the game releases on the 8th March. The main reason for...

  • News The Division's Launch Trailer Is Just as Predictable as You'd Expect

    Best game ever, says website

    We all love a good rant here at Push Square, and this editor's gone off on one after watching the latest trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division. Is it a bad video? Not particularly, but it's just so bloody predictable. Website quotes saying that it's the best thing since sliced bread: check. Grizzled military type...


  • News Ubisoft Really Is Desperate to Break Records with The Division

    Like, really desperate

    Is this really necessary? Tom Clancy's The Division is riding high on pre-order charts, has a ton of marketing muscle behind it, and is clearly going to be a very popular game, so we're not sure why publisher Ubisoft is desperate for it to break records. Alas, it's had its PR team blast out some big news today: the game's...

  • News Download The Division's PS4 Open Beta Right Now

    Mankind divided

    You won't be able to play The Division's open beta until tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 – once again, Microsoft has secured 24 hours of exclusivity – but you can start downloading it from the PlayStation Store right now if you wish. This online stress test is available to everyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription, so you...

  • News You'll Be Waiting for The Division's DLC on PS4

    Consoles divided

    A bit of regurgitated news regarding The Division is doing the rounds today, and because we're sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting to clock off and play Street Fighter V, we figured that we'd share it. Basically, it's been re-confirmed that DLC for Ubisoft Massive's loot-'n'-shooter will arrive 30 days late on the PlayStation 4...

  • Rumour The Division Open Beta Infects PS4 Later This Month

    Accidentally leaked by Xbox Italy

    Tom Clancy's The Division has had a closed beta that's been running since Friday – check out our first impressions piece for our thoughts on it – but if you weren't able to get in, no need to worry. Our friends over at Eurogamer discovered a blunder on the Xbox Italy Facebo









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