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  • News Cody Becomes Mayor in Street Fighter V from 26th June

    The Mad Gear must pay

    Metro City has a new mayor, and it’s former jailbird Cody. The blonde bombshell will bring his biceps to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition from 26th June, as well as a selection of costumes honouring both former mayor Mike Haggar and the protagonist’s Final Fight days. You can check out the character in action in the...


  • News Falke Shoots into Street Fighter V Next Week

    Swing and a hit

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's latest playable fighter, Falke, will enter the fray next week, on the 24th April. To make the announcement official, Capcom's pushed out a typical character trailer that shows Falke in action -- and she looks to be an interesting addition. Falke appears to have good ranged options, and...
















  • News Capcom to Remain Committed to PS4 Exclusive Street Fighter V Until 2020

    Shoryuken handle it?

    By all accounts it's sold disastrously, but Capcom isn't giving up on Street Fighter V anytime soon. It makes sense, of course – while the PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive may have struggled to appeal to the mainstream market, it still has a very committed and dedicated core fanbase. And speaking with Famitsu magazine,...

  • News Street Fighter V's New Stage Takes Off Today

    Plane and simple

    Capcom's continuing to plug away at Street Fighter V, despite the fighter failing to significantly grow its player base since launch. Today a new stage will be released, which takes place on the wings of a plane. The level – named Skies of Honor – can be seen demonstrated in the video embedded above. We're not convinced that...

  • News Akuma Is Street Fighter V's Next DLC Character

    Playable at the PlayStation Experience

    Recent sales data would suggest that Street Fighter V hasn't been performing well at all over the last few months, but Capcom's still marching on with its downloadable content plans. The game's initial batch of additional characters ended with Urien, and now the Japanese publisher has teased what's coming...


  • News Urien Brings His Giant Ego to Street Fighter V This Month

    Expect an exact date at TGS

    Street Fighter V's final "season 1" character launches this month - and we'll get a more precise release date at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has revealed. We are, of course, talking about Urien, who first appeared in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. The egotistical brawler has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, including...








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