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  • News Nike Just Announced Outrageous Illuminating PlayStation Sneakers

    Slam dunk

    Well, would you look at that? Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George just took to the PlayStation Blog to announce a brand new pair of PlayStation-themed sneakers set to release globally on 10th February. Officially entitled Nike PG-2 ‘PlayStation’ Colorways, the shoes sport “illuminating” tongues that pulsate just like the...


  • Weirdness These PS4 Sneakers Are Sublime

    "Please could you not step on my dunks?"

    Confession: this editor purchased a pair of Air Jordans a few years ago. As has become a parody for some parts of popular culture, they never get worn – primarily because they cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, they weren’t as expensive as these custom PlayStation 4 sneakers, which will set you back...