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  • News Konami Won't Even Let You Share Play P.T. on PS4


    At this point, we're convinced that Konami is just trolling. Not content with – deep breath – cancelling Silent Hills, de-listing P.T. from the PlayStation Store, and removing the license from download lists – it's now stopping people from Share Playing it, too. To be fair, this could be an infrastructure issue on Sony's end, but we...


  • News This Is What Happens When PS4 Share Play Goes Wrong

    Hours of Destiny progress destroyed in the blink of an eye

    Never trust the Internet. The embedded Destiny video may seem downright boring at first, but it comes to an epic conclusion – and carries a valuable lesson for us all. In it, a young PlayStation 4 player is merely having fun streaming Bungie's first-person shooter, when he's told by a...



  • Guide How to Use Share Play on the PS4

    Pass the controller

    There are a ton of great additions available as part of PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00, but Share Play is without a doubt the headline feature. This nifty tool allows you to create a kind of virtual couch environment, which enables you to “pass the controller” to an online friend, essentially allowing them to take...