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  • News Sony's Secret Smartphone Hit Now a Billion Dollar Business

    Revenue doubles year-over-year

    We’ve reported on Fate/Grand Order a handful of times, but still very few have a grasp on how much money the smartphone hit is spinning for Sony behind-the-scenes. A new financial report from subsidiary Aniplex sheds more light on the matter, however, with its revenue doubling year-over-year from $934 million to $1.8...


  • News Sony's No Heroes Allowed! Dashes to Smartphones in Japan

    Bricking it

    Sony’s versatile first-party franchise No Heroes Allowed! has arrived on Japanese smartphones today, as part of label ForwardWorks’ ongoing mobile initiative. Officially named No More Heroes! DASH, the brick-matching puzzler sees you aligning shapes in order to summon monsters and repel hideous heroes – par for the course for the...



  • News PlayStation's Mobile Apps Updated Alongside PS4 Firmware Update 5.00

    Better language support and some new features

    There’s a new PlayStation 4 firmware update out – and there are fresh updates for Sony’s smartphone apps, too. First up, the PlayStation Communities app now supports landscape, animated GIFs, and a slew of new languages – including Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai, and...








  • News Sony Announces Studio Dedicated to Making Mobile Games

    Only operating in Asia for the time being

    After Sony's ill-fated PlayStation Mobile was shut down on 10th September last year, it appeared that Sony would be ditching the Android and iPhone market for a while thanks to the initiative's lack of real success. It appears not, however, as, in a press release on Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's...


  • News Sony Steps Up Its Champions League Sponsorship

    They are the champions

    One of the reasons that PlayStation is such a big presence in Europe is because the brand is a major partner of the Champions League, arguably the biggest club football tournament in the world. And it's been announced that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is extending its partnership with the competition for three...

  • News PlayStation Mobile Officially Ends Distribution Tomorrow

    A rather short chapter

    Just a friendly reminder: no more PlayStation Mobile games will be released after tomorrow, and you won't be able to purchase any existing ones. Sony's failed mobile platform was announced to be coming to an end a while back, but given that we thought its last game, Oh, Deer!, was good enough to warrant some attention, we...



  • Feature What Went Wrong with PlayStation Mobile?

    Totally immobile

    Republished on Wednesday, 11th March 2015: Following the news that Sony's shutting down PlayStation Mobile fully, we've decided to bring this article back out of the archives. The original text follows. Originally published on Wednesday, 6th August 2014: Sony's smartphone strategy seemed so, well, smart a few years ago. While the...

  • News Sony Hangs Up on Failed PlayStation Mobile Push

    Put out to pasture

    It started out with a bevy of big indie names like FuturLab, Laughing Jackal, and Vlambeer behind it, but PlayStation Mobile has run out of credit. Sony announced overnight that it won't be publishing any more content following 15th July, and from 10th September, you won't even be able to re-download any of the titles that you...


  • News Well, Of Course Evolve Has a Match-Three Mobile Game


    We'll let you into a little secret: according to our traffic statistics, you lot don't care a great deal about forthcoming PlayStation 4 shooter Evolve. Nevertheless, while this article is destined to scrape a couple of hundred views at most, we simply had to share this hilarious little snippet: 2K Games has deployed a free-to-play match-three...

  • News Fill Your Face in Fat Princess: Piece of Cake on PS Vita

    Sugar and spice

    Who doesn't like a nice piece of cake? Whether it's a bold slab of Battenberg or a silky slice of Red Velvet, a well baked gateau will always get on well with the ol' gnashers. Of course, the majority of us know to stop eating when our stomach feels sore, but Fat Princess – the star of several PlayStation titles – has less...


  • News Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for PlayStation Mobile

    That honestly wasn't much fun while it lasted

    PlayStation Mobile has been dead for a good while now, but Sony’s more or less pulled the cord today. Originally intended to offer a curated content hub on PlayStation-certified phones and tablets, the platform holder quietly announced this morning that there’s a “possibility that content may not...





  • News Ninja Theory Has Not Enslaved Itself to Mobile Development

    Heavenly sigh of relief

    Keep harbouring those thoughts of Trip’s great comeback, as Ninja Theory – the developer behind Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – has denied reports that it’s abandoning console development. Rumours today suggested that the Cambridge-based studio best known for Heavenly Sword could be turning its attention solely to the

  • News Need Your Fix of PS4 on the Road? PlayStation App Is Out Now

    There's an app for that

    If the idea of spending time away from your PlayStation 4 is sending shivers down your spine, then you may be delighted to learn that the PlayStation App is available for iOS and Android devices in North America right now. A pivotal part of Sony’s next generation strategy,

  • News Knack's Quest Has Already Started on iOS Handsets

    Rummage up some relics

    If you absolutely can’t wait for the PlayStation 4, then free-to-play iOS spin-off Knack’s Quest should help you to pass the minutes until next week’s release. The puzzle title – which was officially acknowledged earlier in the year – sees you matching jewels in order to help the eponymous hero grow. There’s both a...





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