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  • News Sony to Resolve Harmful PS4 Message Issue with Firmware Update

    "We are aware of the situation"

    Over the weekend, many PS4 owners reported receiving a PlayStation Network message that rendered their console useless. Opening one of these messages bricks your PS4, forcing a factory reset in order to get it going again. It seems that the problem is widespread enough that Sony has caught wind of it, as it's...

  • News PS4 Messages Designed to Brick Your Console Reported By Users

    Be warned

    According to multiple threads over on Reddit, there's a potentially devastating issue on PlayStation 4 right now, and it stems from simple messages. Users say that receiving certain messages can 'brick' your console, effectively breaking the system. We're not totally clued up on the technical details yet, but the bottom line is that right...



  • News Sony Will Fix PS4 Messages in Future Firmware Update

    "Sorry for the inconvenience"

    Carrier pigeons would be quicker than the PlayStation 4’s messaging utility. Those of you that regularly use Sony’s next-gen system may have noticed that it’s almost impossible to correspond with your pals using the format’s text-based tool during peak hours. We thought that a recent firmware update had fixed...