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  • News PSN Down Again as Sony Acknowledges Widespread Issues


    The PlayStation Network isn't having the best of weekends, is it? Connection errors began on Friday, but Sony sorted things out quite quickly. Unfortunately, the network is now struggling again -- and has been for most of the day. Users are reporting sign in issues and interrupted online functionality. Sony has acknowledged the problems via...


  • News PSN Maintenance Is Incoming This Week

    A timely reminder

    Consider yourself warned: the PlayStation Network will be undergoing maintenance in just a couple of days, on the 23rd June. Fortunately for us lot here in the UK, the timing isn't too bad; the PS4 maintenance will take place in the morning, from 06:30AM until 08:30AM. However, that means the service will be tinkered with at...

  • News Uh Oh, PSN Appears to Be Down


    We should be enjoying a nice comfy bed instead of penning this super early morning article, but, as they say, there's no rest for the wicked. There are numerous reports flying around claiming that the PlayStation Network is down. We've tried logging in ourselves with no success, and there seem to be more complaints by the minute on social...


  • News PSN Down For Maintenance Early Next Month

    Don't panic

    Did you read "PSN Down" in the headline and immediately think "not again"? Well we've got good news for you, as Sony's network hasn't taken another tumble offline - at least, not as far as we're aware. No, this is actually just a quick heads up that the service will be undergoing maintenance early next month. On the 2nd March, the...



  • News PSN's Down for Routine Maintenance Later Today

    We'll be right back

    Always keen to grab the headlines, Sony's revealed that the PlayStation Network is going to be undergoing maintenance later today. Fortunately, for us here in the UK, it'll actually be happening tomorrow from 04:30AM, but you Americans aren't quite so lucky, as you'll have to endure the maintenance tonight. Beginning at...




  • News Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Today

    Take a break

    There’s never been a better opportunity for you to mow the lawn or blitz through that copy of Anna Karenina that you picked up at the local car boot, as Sony has scheduled a window of PlayStation Network maintenance for today. Set to disgruntle gamers across the globe between 16:30PM and 22:00PM GMT (11:30AM-17:00PM...


  • News PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Times Revised

    Disruption for a little longer than expected

    Don’t panic if you’re just signing in to find the PlayStation Network offline – Sony has revised the times of its previously announced scheduled maintenance, bringing it forward to 13:00PM GMT. The construction period will run until 03:00AM GMT tomorrow, but you may still be able to login in the...

  • News PlayStation Network Maintenance Planned for 4th March

    Taking time out

    The PlayStation Network will go under the knife next week, as Sony works through another bout of scheduled maintenance. From 16:00PM GMT on Monday 4th March until approximately 03:00AM GMT on Tuesday 5th March you’ll be unable to access the PlayStation Store, Account Management, and Account Registration. You shouldn’t have a...


  • News Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance to Persist Overnight


    There’s never been a better time for you to take the shrink wrap off that copy of Wuthering Heights and lose yourself in the (occasionally uncomfortable) love story of Heathcliff and Catherine. Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network’s pre-arranged maintenance period is set to run until the early hours of Saturday morning in...

  • News Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance Extended

    Don't panic

    You’ll have ample opportunity to build a snowman, learn to juggle, and trim your toenails today, as Sony has announced that it's extending the PlayStation Network's scheduled maintenance for a few more hours. The period – which had been set to run from 16:00PM to 04:00AM GMT in Europe, and from 08:00AM to 20:00PM PT in North America...


  • News PSN Maintenance Planned for 15th October

    It's been a while

    The PlayStation Network will take a short break for scheduled maintenance starting 15th October, platform holder Sony has announced. We daresay the offline time will be spent preparing for the upcoming PlayStation Store overhaul. During the allotted period – scheduled to take place from 13:00PM BST through until 02:00AM BST the...


  • News PlayStation Network Goes Under the Knife This Week

    Pass the scalpel

    In an announcement that will almost certainly be blown out of proportion all over again, Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will be getting some much needed maintenance later this week. Starting 16:00PM BST on 26th July and running through until 08:00AM BST on 27th July, some elements of the PSN experience will be...


  • News PlayStation Network Maintenance Returns Tomorrow

    Stop press

    The PlayStation Network is set to undergo another round of scheduled maintenance tomorrow. From 16:00PM BST tomorrow (that’s Thursday, if you’re not sure) through until 08:00AM BST on Friday, you’ll be unable to access Account Management and the PlayStation Store. Online gameplay should work if you sign in before the maintenance...


  • News PSN Going Under the Knife Today

    Maintenance watch

    PlayStation Network maintenance periods are always given plenty of publicity around the web, but we rarely find it interrupts our playing schedule. Regardless, it’s out duty as your reliable source of daily PlayStation news to inform you that Sony’s preparing 13 hours of PSN repairs from 2PM BST (9AM EST) today. During that...


  • News PSN Maintenance Returns This Wednesday

    Heads up

    It’s that time of the month again where we hop online to school you about Sony’s latest PlayStation Network maintenance plans. Comes around quick, doesn’t it? Posting on the official community forums, Sony’s announced that the latest batch of network repairs will begin on 21st March at 15:00PM GMT and will run right through until...