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    Review The Jackbox Party Pack 2

    Welcome to the party, pal

    Just when you thought that it was safe, the maverick party game creators at Jackbox Games are back to liven up your life with a cool multipack of titles, available to download onto your PlayStation 4 and bring the gift of competitive laughter to your next social gathering. To enjoy this madcap assortment of multiplayer...


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    Review Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game

    Sweet little lies

    If you’ve got a poker face like Lady GaGa, then Fibbage is for you. This is an intriguing bluffing game for two to eight players, which takes an interesting twist on the typical quiz genre, prompting you to enter ridiculous, silly, or downright rude pieces of trivia, with the aim being to convince your pals that they’re true...