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  • News Oh God, Devolver Digital's Doing Another E3 Press Conference

    There will be blood (probably)

    So, Devolver Digital's hosting another E3 "press conference" next month. Last year, the indie mega publisher streamed an insane presser parody, complete with psychotic CEOs and exploding heads. No, seriously. Anyway, the company's "big fancy press conference" kicks off on the 10th June at 20:00 Pacific. That's 04:00...


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    Review The Swords of Ditto

    Pass it on

    The classic Legend of Zelda formula lives on in many an indie adventure these days, but few match the quality of The Swords of Ditto. This is a procedurally generated quest in which you have just a handful of days to prepare for and defeat an evil witch. Win and you bring peace to the game's colourful world. Lose and a new hero will have...

  • News The Swords of Ditto Gets a Lovely Animated Launch Trailer

    Heroes unite

    We're suckers for a good launch trailer, and we dare say that The Swords of Ditto's is one of the best we've seen this year. The fully animated video's a treat, and it gives a brief overview of what the game's all about. The Swords of Ditto is actually out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, so we recommend giving the trailer a watch if you're...

  • Hands On Roguelike Adventuring in The Swords of Ditto on PS4

    Adventure time

    The Swords of Ditto is out very soon indeed, but we couldn't resist giving it a quick test run at EGX Rezzed 2018 ahead of its release later this month. For those not in the know, this is a roguelike, 2D adventure game in which generations of heroes take on the evil witch Mormo in order to lift her curse over the land. Randomly...

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    Review Minit

    Full minute hero

    Minit is the adventure game distilled down to its purest and simplest form. Developed by a team of independent developers whose combined credits include Horizon: Zero Dawn, Celeste, and Nuclear Throne, this is a top-down, open world adventure game you play a minute at a time. It doesn't sound like it should work, but it somehow does...



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    Review Crossing Souls

    There is no game, only Zuul

    80s pop culture has been gaining momentum in a big way in recent years, between things like the mega popular Stranger Things and the ever-expanding – and much deserved – popularity of synthwave in the music scene. The decade was rich with shows, films, songs, and everything in between that people young...



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    Review Ruiner

    Buy this game, puppy

    Ruiner marks the first title from Polish developer Reikon Games – and the latest release under Devolver Digital’s publishing initiative. The game fits comfortably alongside the other types of games that the label likes to put its name on, and this is one outing that stands out among an already impressive portfolio. At...



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    Review Downwell

    My feet are killing you

    Republished on Wednesday, 26th July 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of August 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Well, well, well – if game juice were a real beverage, then Downwell would be the Um Bongo of the fruit flavoured sugar water...






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    Review Enter the Gungeon

    You're fired

    Releasing an indie roguelike in 2016 is tough. There are already several almost perfect and incredibly popular entries in the genre floating around in the wild. Indeed, not only is the market flooded, it's flooded with liquid gold. Thankfully, Enter the Gungeon not only borrows good ideas from its peers, it also plays enough new tricks...


  • Soapbox Why Action Henk and Broforce Have Me Hooked

    Sam Brooke is enamoured with March's PS4 indie arrivals

    I admit it – I have a big soft spot for indie games. Call me weird, but I can't get enough of these low-budget beauties because they're forced to innovate using the limited resources that they have and can create genius new mechanics, or simply refine existing systems to perfection. Anyway,...

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    Review Broforce


    If there's one thing that the United States has primarily contributed toward the betterment of society, there's no shadow of a doubt that it's 80s and 90s action flicks. Filled to the brim with fearless heroes killing innumerable amounts of communist fascists, terrorist scum, and extra-terrestrial threats, few can resist a...

  • News Broforce's PS4 Launch Trailer Shows Why It's a PlayStation Plus Winner

    Freedom fighters

    Maybe you didn't vote for it, maybe you'll never play it - but we want you to at least give Broforce's PlayStation 4 launch trailer a look. The video's a bit like a Saturday morning cartoon opening, but with way more guts, death, and explosions. Okay, so it's not the most elegant trailer that we've ever seen, but it's at least...


  • News Downwell's Dropping onto PS4, Vita This Year

    Falling down

    Mostly monochromatic indie hit Downwell is taking the plunge to the PlayStation 4 and Vita, according to a PlayStation Japan indie spotlight video. The title was nonchalantly included alongside other upcoming Eastern releases like Rocket League and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and the news has since been retweeted by Worldwide...

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    Review Not a Hero

    Diplomatic immunity

    Aptly titled, Not a Hero is a charismatic, side-scrolling shoot-'em-up in which you massacre mobsters, thugs, and other underworld villains in the name of BunnyLord – an anthropomorphic purple rabbit who is currently running for mayor. Phew. The title's core gameplay, on the other hand, isn't all that strange. First and...






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    Review Titan Souls

    Fall of the Titans

    There are people that would say that you deserve to die if you go on your monster-squashing quest armed with nothing but a single arrow, a pink bow in your hair, and a backpack filled with only the finest Waitrose-branded good intentions. Titan Souls doesn't have a story, but it improves the game tenfold if you view it as a fable...


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    Review Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Wronged number

    Dennaton Games' thrillingly brutal Hotline Miami caused quite a commotion when it was first set free, with the game amassing a diehard following due to its daring art direction and addictive, adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Now, almost two years after its release on PlayStation systems, it's time to don the animal mask once more and take...

  • Round Up Hotline Miami 2 Reviews Dial the Right Number

    Number games

    Dennaton Games' flashy Hotline Miami sequel may bear the subtitle Wrong Number, but there's clearly nothing wrong with the follow-up's review scores. Indeed, while March is packed to the brim with blockbusters, it's the indie titles that are taking all of the plaudits, as the murder-'em-up attracts a bevy of big scores. We've been put...



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    Review Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

    Hail to the king, baby

    With only a few first-person shooters gracing the PlayStation Vita to date, there's plenty of room on Sony's handheld for anything offering up some half decent blasting. Since the bar hasn't exactly been set particularly high either, there's a perfect chance for classic titles such as Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition to stomp...



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    Review Shadow Warrior

    Crouching tiger, hidden Wang

    Take those old kung-fu movies that get repeated endlessly on daytime cable channels, add a dash of retro shooter and whatever random bits of supernatural plot you have lying around, and that’s Shadow Warrior. An overpriced product of a bygone era, its attempts to highlight the way that things used to be do little but...

  • Round Up Shadow Warrior PS4 Reviews Go for the Throat

    Blades of steel

    Shadow Warrior started life as a 3D Realms developed first-person shooter, so we can understand why your scepticism is already at an all time high. This PlayStation 4 reimagining by Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, however, aims to drag the original into the next generation – without forgetting any of the late 90s tropes that...


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    Review Hotline Miami

    Miami Visceral

    With the stylish murder simulator Hotline Miami first hitting the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the darling indie title has already achieved critical acclaim and a cult following of devout 80s obsessed adrenaline junkies. Just over a year later, the gory title sees a re-release on the...

  • News Hotline Miami Hurts People on PS4 Later This Month

    You know you like it

    We may have had to twiddle our thumbs a little longer than anticipated for Hotline Miami 2, but you’ll be able to feed your murderous desires on the PlayStation 4 this month courtesy of a cross-buy version of the original title. Writing on the game’s official Twitter page, a spokesperson for the series explained that,



  • News You're Probably Eligible for a Free Download of Hotline Miami on PS4

    Cross-buy saves the day

    It's official, cross-buy is the absolute best thing ever conceived by humans. Need proof? Look no further than the incoming PlayStation 4 release of indie darling Hotline Miami. Publisher Devolver Digital is bringing the stylish twin-stick murder-'em-up to the shiny black box, and if you've already bought the PlayStation 3...

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    Review Luftrausers

    Don't mention the war

    Dutch developer Vlambeer is known for creating deceptively simple arcade titles that have a worrying tendency to burrow deep under your skin and take hold of your every waking thought. Its latest venture, Luftrausers, sees you seated in the cockpit of a World War II fighter plane, attempting to take out a boundless barrage of...



  • Rumour Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to Dial PS4 and Vita

    Lime green and tangerine

    One of Sony’s big GamesCom announcements may have been accidentally outed overnight, as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number publisher Devolver Digital added some unannounced information to the sequel’s trailer description. Originally billed as a PC, Mac, and Linux release, the company temporarily added the PlayStation 4...

  • Rumour Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Chewing Gum on Vita

    Come get some

    Gaming’s least popular alpha male could be bringing his specific brand of chauvinism to the PlayStation Vita soon, as it looks like Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is in production for the handheld. Devolver Digital – the publisher behind the recent re-release – Tweeted the embedded image earlier today, alongside the message:...


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    Review Hotline Miami

    Do you like hurting other people?

    Like the Hollywood classic Drive which provided a large helping of inspiration during development, Hotline Miami is a visceral assault on the senses which often leaves you breathless and sweaty-palmed, but also isn’t afraid to offer up moments of shocking frustration. Part action game, part puzzle title, part...



  • News Hotline Miami Clubbing Sony's Quality Assurance Team As We Type

    PlayStation port not far away now

    Dennaton Games’ deadly tribute to the dayglo days of the eighties Hotline Miami is almost ready for consumption on the PlayStation Network. Writing on the title’s official Twitter page, the studio declared that the PlayStation 3 and Vita port is currently in submission with the platform holder – and the team...


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