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  • News Crytek Confident Homefront 2 Can Succeed

    Long-term investment

    Homefront divided opinion upon its release in early 2011. Despite not receiving particularly positive reviews, the THQ published first-person shooter enjoyed a fairly favourable commercial reception, thanks in part to a strong promotional push. The sequel to Homefront is currently in development at former TimeSplitters studio...


  • News What The Heck: Crytek Confirmed As Developer Of Homefront 2

    Well this one's a turn up for the books

    You could probably call this a megaton if you wanted. THQ has just announced that the next entry in its Homefront series will be handled by Crysis developer Crytek. What the heck, indeed. Naturally the game will run on Crytek's CryEngine technology. The game's currently scheduled to release in THQ's fiscal year ending March 31st, 2014. We'd assume — given..


  • Rumour TimeSplitters 4 To Return Soon

    A rumour in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine hints that the TimeSplitters franchise may be on the verge of making a come-back

    The magazine notes, "Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth TimeSplitters title is to be announced soon." Crytek UK — the studio behind the TimeSplitters titles — has previously hinted it will have something to announce after..


  • News Crysis 2 Does New York, New York With A Modern Spin

    "Start spreading the news

    I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it - New York, New York," are the lyrics that would be present in this Crysis 2 launch trailer if Crytek hadn't gone for some dodgy street remix majig. Don't get us wrong, we like some urban beats. Not keen on this tune though. But that doesn't matter because it's Crysis 2! Hide behind your desks folks. Stay in your house. The..





  • News Crytek UK Don't Rule Out Doing Timesplitters 4 In The Future

    Free Radical may be gone, but Crytek UK have now taken their place, and the chances of Timesplitters 4 with them

    Speaking with Develop, Crytek UK's Karl Hilton commented:“Going forward, we’ve always made it very clear that we want to build original games and we’re going to do that, and we are concepting some of that up at the moment.” “It’s early days, but there’s some really exciting stuff..

  • News Playstation 3 Struggles Hampered Haze

    Haze was not the best shooter ever

    Surprising seeing as it came from the now defunct Free Radical. A development team known for pretty awesome shooters. Karl Hilton of Cytek UK (basically what used to be Free Radical) protested that part of the problem with the team's Haze was due to the learning curve of the Playstation 3 platform."We spent more time trying get the game running properly and..

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