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  • News Onrush PS4 Pre-Order Page Points to June Release Date

    Update: 5th June release date confirmed

    The official Twitter account for Onrush, the new arcade racer from Codemasters, has announced that the game is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store. In case you're wondering, it's a full-priced title - £54.99 for the standard edition, and £64.99 for the Digital Deluxe edition. Pre-ordering...


  • PGW 2017 DriveClub Developer Returns with Onrush

    MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up?

    The new game from the team behind DriveClub – which was folded into Codemasters, you may recall – is named Onrush and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. This looks like a kind of MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up, featuring the toy-ish circuits of the latter and the multi-disciplined arcade racing of...


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    Review F1 2017

    Pedal to the Vettel

    It’s the metagame that makes Formula One such a compelling motorsport: the tactical tension of fuel management, the timing of that pivotal pit-stop, and the never-ending research and development going on behind-the-scenes. F1 2017 offers a taste of these additional activities, and it all helps to raise the stakes when you’re...


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    Review Micro Machines: World Series

    How the tiny have fallen

    It feels like Codemasters has been testing the water for a potential return of its much loved matchbox racing franchise. A few years ago we had Toybox Turbos on PlayStation 3, which was a Micro Machines  game in all but name, and a fairly good one at that. More recently, a Micro Machines mobile game popped up, and...


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    Review DiRT 4

    Riding DiRTy

    DiRT Rally was a real breath of fresh air when it released on the PlayStation 4 last year. It was celebrated for its razor sharp focus on the sport, as well as its challenging and fulfilling gameplay. Codemasters stripped away the excess and released a lean, mean, and unashamedly hardcore rally game – and it was great. With DiRT...



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    Review F1 2016


    Codemasters is back, and with real assurance. It had seemed for a while that the once racing game experts had fallen off the wagon so to speak, with European rally turning to American X-Games and Formula One lacking the glitz and glamour of its real-life counterpart. Thankfully, the developer seems to be back on track following the...


  • News F1 2016 Races for Pole Position on PS4 This Summer

    Speed freak

    Racing aficionados may be excited to learn that F1 2016 will restore some of the features absent from last year's iteration when it deploys on the PlayStation 4 this summer. Chief among those is the safety car and career mode, with the latter allowing you to shepherd your own high-octane avatar through a 10 year career to the top. "F1...



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    Review DiRT Rally

    We rally, rally like it

    DiRT Rally is a beast – a beautiful, brilliant, and breath-taking beast that will humble you, drive you mad, and leave you grinning like an idiot once you master it's brutally tough driving challenges. Think Bloodborne but with cars and you'll understand the punishing pleasures awaiting those brave enough to strap in and...


  • News DiRT Rally Takes a Long Easy Left to PS4 in April

    Rally great news

    After heavy speculation, DiRT Rally will get dirty starting 5th April on the PlayStation 4. The game – which officially launched on the PC, er, today – will presumably include all of the content released thus far, including the new Winter Wonderland update, which adds some snow-based Swedish stages to the mix. For those that...

  • News DiRT Rally Looks Set to Make a Mess on PS4


    Codemasters has proven a shadow of its former self on the PlayStation 4 thus far, shipping F1 2015 and not a whole lot else. Fortunately, while the decision seemed strange at the time, DiRT Rally has proven an enormous success in Early Access – and it looks like the simulation could be taking a long easy right all the way to Sony's new-gen...


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    Review F1 2015

    On the Button, or in the pits?

    After some unfortunate delays, Codemasters finally wheels out its debut F1 game for the current generation of consoles. Fans who have stayed with the series in its many iterations on the PlayStation 3 can now at last spin around Silverstone with the teams and drivers of the new season along with their new machines...


  • News DiRT Rally May Yet Get Stuck in the PS4's Mud

    "It's something we should be looking to do"

    Codemasters, the firm best known for racing games such as GRID, is a bit of a British institution, so it's positively peculiar that it's still yet to release a PlayStation 4 title. The company will be hitting the new-gen starting grid with F1 2015 a little later this year, but the organisation also seems...



  • News DiRT 4 Stuck in the Mud as Codemasters Cuts Staff

    Hoon's going to scratch our gymkhana itch now?

    Codemasters' extended emphasis on the PlayStation 3 may be starting to catch up with it, as reports that layoffs have hit the legendary British outfit. According to the site, around 50 jobs are being reviewed, with approximately 30 to be made redundant as part of a 30 day consultation...


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    Review F1 2014

    Stuck in the past

    One of the hardest things to achieve in a yearly franchise is a hook to keep people coming back. It’s true of not only sports games, but the sports themselves – after all, no one wants to invest time into something that stays the same every year. For Formula 1, the answer has been the biggest shake-up in a generation, with new...


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    Review GRID Autosport

    Three-point turn

    GRID 2 was largely seen as a disappointment by many of the series’ fans – a step in the wrong direction, lacking the focus and discipline that made the original release such a compelling outing for racing enthusiasts. GRID Autosport, the latest offering from British firm Codemasters, aims to redeem the series – and bar a few...



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    Review F1 2013

    Pedal to the Vettel

    After an exciting first half to the 2012 season, last year’s Formula One World Championship trudged towards an inevitable third title for Sebastian Vettel, continuing his and Red Bull’s dominance of the sport. The 2013 season was, however, supposed to be more competitive; with stable technical regulations, it was said that...


  • News F1 2013 Is Pulling Out of the Pit Stop Tomorrow

    Codemasters set to announce annual update

    Sebastian Vettel may be running away with this year's championship, but that’s not stopping Codemasters from readying F1 2013 for release. The title – which will almost certainly launch later this year – is set to be officially unveiled tomorrow, as teased by an image posted on the franchise’s...


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    Review GRID 2

    Five years in the pit lane

    The racing genre is divided between arcade and simulation fans. While other genres have fairly interchangeable skill sets, what works in an arcade racer will send you straight to the hospital in a racing sim; the no holds barred action of Need for Speed caters to the former, while Gran Turismo appeals to the latter. But...

  • UK Sales Charts GRID 2 Leads the Pack, Remember Me Doesn't Get Forgotten

    Caught in the slipstream

    Codemasters’ stylish racer GRID 2 has secured a second week atop the UK charts, despite a 50 per cent drop in sales. The slick driving experience managed to accelerate beyond FIFA 13 and Remember Me, the latter of which managed a respectable debut in third position. That doesn’t look like a bad performance for the title,...

  • UK Sales Charts GRID 2 Takes Pole Position, Fuse Fizzles Out

    Running backwards

    Legendary Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games has suffered an intolerable introduction to the world of multiplatform games, with its uninspiring third-person shooter Fuse entering the UK sales charts at a dreadful 37th. Ted Price, the head of the Burbank-based studio, recently noted that the company is planning more...


  • News GRID 2 Doesn't Need the PS4 to Deliver a Social Experience

    Codemasters blazing trails on current hardware

    Social may be the big hook of the PlayStation 4, but Codemasters is delivering on the promise on current generation hardware. This brand new GRID 2 trailer offers a good look at the impending racer’s multiplayer suite, and it includes community-driven features such as video sharing and dynamic...


  • Preview Sitting Behind the Wheel of GRID 2

    Test drive

    Ask any racing fan what their favourite gaming experience has been over the past five years, and there’s a good chance that Codemasters’ Race Driver: GRID will rank at the sharp end of their list. Since its release in 2008, GRID has developed something of a cult following, thanks in part to its strong racing heart and fine damage...


  • News F1 2012 Demo Races onto PSN This Week

    Pit stop

    Fans of fast cars and chequered flags will be treated to an F1 2012 demo this week, Codemasters has announced. Those that download the taster will be able to sample two of racer’s new modes: Young Driver Test and Season Challenge. The former takes “inspiration” from real-life examinations, and will teach you how to get to grips with...


  • News GRID 2 Races onto PlayStation 3 Next Year

    Told you

    Codemasters has confirmed what we’d already figured out – that GRID 2 is set to drift onto the PlayStation 3 next year. The hotly anticipated sequel has been in development for two years, and will take advantage of the most recent version of Codemasters’ excellent EGO Engine. The game’s debut trailer – embedded below – includes...

  • News F1 2012 Pits You Against the Best in Champions Mode

    Have you got what it takes?

    Identifying that its F1 series can be a bit intense at times, Codemasters has announced a new quick play option for the upcoming F1 2012. Dubbed the Champions Mode, the feature will allow you to jump into a host of individual race scenarios against former champions. Think International Superstar Soccer’s challenge mode...

  • News GRID 2 Trailer Teases 8th August Reveal

    Wheely good surprise

    We’d heard rumours that a sequel to Codemasters’ massively popular GRID series was in development, but we never actually expected it to be announced this morning. Out of nowhere, the British publisher has released a short teaser trailer with the slogan “the race returns”. All will be revealed on 8th August according to...


  • News F1 Race Stars Aims to Make Formula One Fun

    Over the top

    If you don’t know your KERS from your DRS, then Codemasters has announced a brand new racer that just might just tickle your fancy. The brilliantly cartoony F1 Race Stars promises to transform all of your favourite drivers into adorable bobble-heads and pit them against each other on tracks that would be deemed too exciting for the...

  • Rumour Codemasters is Actively Working on GRID 2

    Ready to race

    Despite launching over four years ago, Codemasters’ Race Driver: GRID remains many gamers’ favourite PlayStation 3 racing game. So it’s exciting to learn that a successor to the title is rumoured to be in development right now. The news comes courtesy of – whisper it – Official Xbox Magazine, which claims that details about...


  • News New DiRT Showdown Trailer Parties Hard

    What does that even mean?

    If you’re still not entirely sure what DiRT Showdown actually is, this trailer should set the scene. It’s got loud music, flashing lights and exaggerated American voiceovers. It’s essentially the game Codemasters has been itching to make for the past three years. Totally rad, dude. Cowabunga. Word. You can read our...

  • News DiRT Showdown Demo Crashes onto PSN Today

    Bruised and broken

    You’ll be able to quench your thirst for crumpled bonnets today, when Codemasters smashes a demo for the upcoming DiRT Showdown onto the PlayStation Store. The teaser will feature two events, including a solo single-player race and a “devastating” multiplayer demolition derby event. The single-player race will see you...


  • News DiRT Showdown Collides with 25th May Release Date

    Hooning is not a crime

    Those of you obsessed with bent bumpers and scratched paint work will probably want to pick up a copy of DiRT Showdown when it releases on 25th May in the UK and 29th May in the US. The title steers the traditionally serious rallying series in a more raucous direction, focusing on arcade thrills and vehicle wrecking spills. If...

  • Preview DiRT Showdown - Destruction Derby Returns

    Write off

    Given the affection PlayStation fans still have for Destruction Derby, it’s surprising no one’s attempted to recreate the smash-heavy vehicular formula on PS3. It may be late to the party, but DiRT Showdown is exactly that: a game that can’t be pitched without referencing Psygnosis’ 1995 hit, like its inspiration it’s hard to...

  • News Take to the Track with F1 2011 Vita Discount

    Race for life

    In order to celebrate this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, Codemasters has announced that it is temporarily slashing the price of the Vita version of F1 2011 to an affordable £19.99. The discount is scheduled for this weekend only, so you’ll need to be nimble like a race car to take advantage of the reduction. For more information...


  • News F1 2012 Races onto PS3 in September


    Try and feign some excitement,anything, because Codemasters has announced – wait for it – F1 2012. That’s right, the latest title in the annual Jenson Button simulator will arrive in September on PlayStation 3 (and noticeably not on PS Vita). Codemasters’ timing is impeccable as we’re just a few hours away from the start of the 2012...

  • News DiRT Showdown Twists Some Metal

    Crash bash

    Even with Twisted Metal fresh in our memories, we’re really looking forward to DiRT Showdown. While the spin-off racer might not have any weapon pick-ups or explosives, it does have giant dome like arenas – which means there’s plenty of potential for bent metal and knackered paint jobs. Check out this brand new trailer to see what...


  • News DiRT 3 Complete Edition Gets Filthy on PS3

    Muddy good value

    Get ready to don your helmet and clean those mud-flaps, as Codemasters has announced the DiRT 3: Complete Edition is heading to PlayStation 3. The expanded re-release of last year’s off-road favourite bundles £20 worth of bonus content on top of the already bulging main campaign. Expect to take your specced out Ford Fiesta to...










  • News DiRT 3 Likes To Party With Cardboard Robots

    Upcoming rally-racer DiRT 3 is a game after our own heart

    It totally knows how to party. Screw nightclubs and supermodels, we're all about rally cars and cardboard robots. DiRT 3 gets what's up, yo. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, DiRT 3 will boast a multiplayer party mode consisting of three unique mini-games. On the agenda is Invasion, where you'll smash up robot shaped cardboard cut-outs in..




  • News Codemasters Boss Backs PSP2 Power Rumours

    Codemasters' top noggin has added further fuel to the "PSP2 is super powerful" bonfire

    Ironically speaking at the 3DS event in Amsterdam last week, Rod Cousens told Eurogamer that rumours about Sony's next handheld are true. It is indeed a bit of beast. “In portable areas you’re going to have statements, which already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the..


  • News Sliding Cars Around *Is* Ridiculously Good Fun

    The most fun thing about DiRT 2 (aside from its lavish presentation and addictive progression) was the way the cars handled

    It wasn't a simulation game, nor it was it an arcade game — it was somewhere in between. That made sliding around corners ridiculously satisfying. Codemasters clearly understands the strength of its drift mechanic, with this DiRT 3 trailer focusing on a "trick..