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    Review Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode Five: Same Stitch

    Joke's on you

    Telltale’s take on the Batman universe has been one of the few shining lights in its portfolio of late, and The Enemy Within has successfully eschewed the sophomore slump with another sterling five episode series that turns everything you know about the Dark Knight on its pointy-eared head. This finale is far from perfect, but...

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    Review Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode Four: What Ails You

    Ail be back

    It’s testament to Telltale’s work within the Batman universe that we didn’t even realise Episode 4: What Ails You does away with the cape and cowl almost entirely. That’s right, for the majority of Season Two’s penultimate instalment, you’ll be blitzing it as billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. Clocking in at around an hour,...

  • News Telltale's Batman Will Actually Make Your Choices Matter

    Two totally different finales

    Love them or loathe them, your decisions rarely mean much in Telltale games. Many are willing to work with this, enjoying the illusion of choice and soaking up the story anyway; others feel like it undermines the entire point. Whichever fence you sit on, we’re quite impressed to learn that there’ll be two disparate...


  • News Telltale's Batman Continues with Episode 4 on 23rd January

    Bat to black

    Telltale’s trucking along with the second season of its Batman adaptation, announcing that Episode 4: What Ails You will release on 23rd January. It’s been a really strong series so far – despite some turbulence behind-the-scenes at the developer – so we’re looking forward to the penultimate instalment of The Enemy Within...



  • Weirdness Telltale Has Really Gone and Cocked Up This Time

    Mistakenly uses image of assassinated Russian ambassador

    The new episode of Telltale’s Batman is genuinely one of the best chapters it’s put out in months, but Houston we have a problem. Eagle-eyed gamers have noticed an out-of-place asset in the title: the body of an assassinated Russian ambassador. We’re not going to host the images here...

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    Review Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode Two: The Pact

    Friends close, enemies closer

    Oh, this is good. Telltale’s take on Batman has always traded on the duality of the Dark Night, but in this excellent instalment, all of its efforts come to fruition. Tasked with befriending Gotham’s most gruesome, Bruce Wayne’s morals are pushed to their limits, as he’s forced to ingratiate himself to the likes...


  • News Batman Voice Actor Says No More Arkham Games Are Planned

    Back into the shadows

    Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the Batman: Arkham series of games, has said that there are currently no plans for another Arkham title. The last release that we got from developer Rocksteady was Batman: Arkham Knight, which launched back in 2015. Now before we put complete faith in Conroy's words, we first need to...


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    Review Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode One: The Enigma

    Riddle me this

    Telltale’s take on Batman lore ended with a bang a little less than a year ago, and The Enemy Within picks up the baton from its predecessor without pumping the brakes. Episode 1: The Enigma once again puts an emphasis on Bruce Wayne, as the Riddler returns to Gotham with his trademark brand of brain-teasing supervillainry in tow...

  • News Your Decisions Will Shape the Joker in Batman: The Enemy Within

    The dark knight

    Telltale Games introduced its version of the Joker – named John Doe in this story – during the first season of its episodic Batman series, and he’ll return in sequel The Enemy Within, which is scheduled to get underway next week. The neat thing is that the developer’s teasing how your decisions will shape the green-haired...




  • News Oh! Batman: Return to Arkham Is Out on PS4

    No Joker

    Surprise: Batman: Return to Arkham is out now. Well, in some regions it is – those of you in the UK may have to wait until tomorrow. The point, though, is that this game seems to have snuck up on us like a laughing gas bomb. We distinctly remember it being delayed a little earlier in the year… And now, it's out! Here's the launch...

  • Video Watch Us Become the Batman with PlayStation VR

    Caped crusader

    Batman: Arkham VR very much falls under the "experience" category rather than a full-fledged game, but how much would you pay to be the Dark Knight for an hour? Well, developer Rocksteady's charging $19.99/£15.99 for this, which certainly looks steep on the surface, but it's by far one of the best examples of virtual reality so far...







  • News There's a Batman: Arkham Collection Coming to PS4 in June

    Holy remasters, Batman

    You're good for a couple more remasters, right? Our friends at have received word that a Batman: Arkham Collection is about to be announced for the PlayStation 4, packing remasters of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The package will apparently be available for pre-order from tomorrow, which...



  • News New Batman DLC Flies onto PS4 from 26th January


    In a recent news thread on the WBGames forums, the publisher has announced the release date for some new Batman: Arkham Knight downloadable content called the 'Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6', which was previously called the 'Community Challenge Pack'. The post states that the deploy date for the content on the PlayStation 4 is 26th...



  • News Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Patch 1.05 Adds Photo Mode

    Superhero selfies

    Bruce Wayne's no Peter Parker, but Batman: Arkham Knight's rain-slicked interpretation of Gotham City is just too darn pretty to ignore. As such, the latest PlayStation 4 patch for Rocksteady Studios' miserable superhero sequel will add an ever-popular Photo Mode to the mix, allowing you to commit the title's bleak urban streets to...




  • News Batman: Arkham Knight Goes to War in PS4 Gameplay

    Catch seven minutes of the Caped Crusader

    We're now weeks away from the Bat Signal being fired up on your PlayStation 4, and Warner Bros is dropping gameplay trailers like they're going out of fashion. This new one – 'Time to Go to War' – deployed a little earlier in the week, but slipped through the cracks here at Push Square Towers. As such,...

  • News Evidence of Batman: Arkham PS4 Remaster Appears

    Time to play a little game

    Riddle us this: would you buy a Batman: Arkham Anthology for the PlayStation 4? We heard rumours regarding the hypothetical remaster earlier in the year, when the collection was "confirmed" by IGN Italy's supposed sources. However, now we have a little more evidence to feed into the Bat Computer, as one

  • News Unmask the Characters of Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4

    Why so serious?

    Rocksteady's really ramping up for the release of Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation 4 next month, and it's deployed another behind-the-scenes video outlining the creation of some of the main character designs. In it, we get a closer look at the Dark Knight himself, as well as the titular Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. Lead...

  • News Batman: Arkham Knight's PS4 Commercial Is the Worst

    We're cringing

    Flippin' heck, Warner Bros – all you needed to do was splice together a couple of clips of the Caped Crusader kicking goons in the gob and your Batman: Arkham Knight commercial would be complete. So, what in the name of the Joker is this? The commercial has leaked onto YouTube today and is coming from an unofficial channel so is...

  • News It's Two for the Price of One in Batman: Arkham Knight PS4

    More fun with friends

    Rocksteady Studios made an almost perfect Batman game on its first attempt, so it must have been tough for the British developer to try and improve on that in subsequent sequels. Batman: Arkham City amplified the whole affair, tossing in more side missions than the previous instalment and building a much bigger playpen for...

  • News Meet the Complex Cast of Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4

    Star power

    Batman: Arkham Knight is now on the final straight ahead of its hotly anticipated 23rd June release, and to celebrate, developer Rocksteady Studios has deployed a brand new trailer introducing some of the cast from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 foray. In it, we get a good look behind the mask, as voice actor Kevin Conroy records a few...

  • News Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's Extortionate Season Pass

    Girl power

    Perhaps clocking the overwhelmingly negative response to Batman: Arkham Knight's steep Season Pass, developer Rocksteady Studios has released a full rundown of the kind of content that you can expect to scoop as part of the £32.99/$39.99 six month subscription. Top of the billing is an all-new prequel story starring Batgirl, which will...




  • News Batman: Arkham Knight's New PS4 Trailer Has a Plan

    "Over my dead body"

    Hot on the heels of this morning's mature rating, Warner Bros has released a two minute story trailer for the rapidly approaching Batman: Arkham Knight. In it, we see a ragtag group of Gotham's villains – including Scarecrow, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and more – all plotting to take down our big eared pal. We've got...

  • News PS4's Batman: Arkham Knight Will Take You to Some 'Dark Places'

    Gloomy Gotham

    Batman: Arkham Knight will take its titular hero to some "dark places", according to game director Sefton Hill. This follows confirmation that the release has been awarded an M rating by US ratings board ESRB, meaning that it's intended for players aged 17 or over only. However, the executive insists that the studio won't be going...









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    Review Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition

    Wayne too far

    You may remember the side-scrolling Arkham spin-off that graced your PlayStation Vita last year. Well, as with so many other franchises before it, the Dark Knight has been transported from the handheld to your living room in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition. While the portable version was widely criticised for...

  • News Batman: Arkham Origins Wraps Up Warm in Cold, Cold Heart

    Frosty the cold man

    There’s no chance of the Dark Knight getting chilly in Batman: Arkham Origins’ imminent ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ add-on pack. Due out today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, publisher Warner Bros has released the launch trailer for the expansion – and it shows the Caped Crusader donning a decidedly unflattering puffer...

  • News Batman: Arkham Origins' PS3 Expansion Is as Cold as Ice

    Revenge is a dish best served cold

    What’s cooler than being cool? That’s a question that you should probably pose to DC Comics antagonist Mr. Freeze, but it may be best to wait until he’s in a good mood. While industry attention may be firmly fixated on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, developer Warner Bros Montreal hasn’t finished with...


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