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    Review Yakuza 5

    Gangster's paradise

    Should the long awaited Yakuza 5 prove to be the PlayStation 3's swan song, there couldn't be a more fitting release. Like the last-gen system itself, the latest instalment in SEGA's seedy soap opera is occasionally convoluted and slow to get started, but it's deeply entertaining all the same. It may have taken series protagonist...


  • News Yakuza Creator Teases 'Project A', Presumably Yakuza 5

    A mysterious new Japanese splash page has appeared online this morning, teasing the next game from Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi

    The page itself is light on content, but includes the words "Project A" in the URL. It also sports a link to the official Yakuza website at the bottom — leading us to believe that the splash has something to do with the upcoming Yakuza 5. Makes sense,..



  • News Help SEGA Pick Where To Set Yakuza 5

    A portion of Yakuza 5 will be set in the game's famous red-light district, Kamurocho

    But like previous games in the series — which have taken protagonist Kazuma Kiriya to the likes of Okinawa — Yakuza 5 will boast a secondary district, that SEGA's allowing fans to choose. The options so far include Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. You can register you choice by visiting the franchise's..




  • News Is This "The End" Of The Yakuza Franchise As We Know It?

    There are scant details regarding the new PlayStation 3 Yakuza game at the moment

    Much of SEGA's marketing muscle is going into the upcoming PSP title, which is due much sooner than its PlayStation 3 brethren. Hence why this morning's Famitsu magazine is so shocking. Building up to the game's full reveal at next month's Tokyo Game Show, SEGA's placed a mysterious advert in the Japanese Gaming..


  • News Seasoned Protagonist Kazuma Kiryu Returns In New Yakuza Title

    Don't fret -- Goro Majima may have been the first character name out of the hat alongside the Yakuza 5 announcement, but SEGA's announced that he's not the last

    Seasoned Yakuza protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, is set to make a return in the next franchise entry. It seems like SEGA are taking the multiple character route again, which was a huge success for Yakuza 4. Both Kazuma and Goro will be playable..


  • News SEGA Announce Yakuza 5 In Japan... Brapppp!

    We only just got Yakuza 3 in the West last week

    Japan gets Yakuza 4 this month. And guess what? SEGA's just announced Yakuza 5. SEGA announced the game at a press event in Tokyo last night. The trailer SEGA showed starts with a shot of Yakuza's Kamurocho night-spot, followed by the words, "A young guy appeared in Kamurocho. The young guy knew it, the weight of the crimes he continued to..

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