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Push Rewind: The E3 2016 Highlights Edition

The E3 2016 Highlights Edition

Everything you need to know

E3's over for another year. It wasn't exactly a vintage event, but it had more than enough to prove that the future's bright for the PlayStation 4. Between a cavalcade of first-party software announcements, and a decent selection of third-party titles, there's lots to look forward to over the next 18 months and beyond...

Store Update: 14th June 2016 (Europe)

14th June 2016 (Europe)


PlayStation 2 classic Siren is just one of several new titles available as part of the European PlayStation Store update today. Other highlights include Grand Kingdom, Catlateral Damage, and the Resident Evil 7 demo which launched overnight. PS4 Games: Catlateral Damage 13th June Crazy Strike Bowling EX (Not in Australia, New...

Store Update: 7th June 2016 (North America)

7th June 2016 (North America)


A spot of parkour, por favor. As was the case with the European PlayStation Store update, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the highlight overseas. However, there is one surprise addition: Psychonauts is available now as a PlayStation 2 Classic for the PlayStation 4. Apologies this whole list is written in a loud voice – blame the

Store Update: 7th June 2016 (Europe)

7th June 2016 (Europe)


Oooh, boy – have all these pre-E3 2016 release dates left you salivating over the European PlayStation Store update? As has become common for the PlayStation 4 lately, it's a humongous refresh this week, with Mirror's Edge Catalyst and SteamWorld Heist being the big names – accompanied by a literal stream of other titles, including

News: Cutesy PS4, Vita Spin-Off World of Final Fantasy Stacks Up in October

Cutesy PS4, Vita Spin-Off World of Final Fantasy Stacks Up in October

Cloud nine

The deluge of Final Fantasy games continues, as Square Enix has attached a release date to chibi spin-off World of Final Fantasy ahead of E3 2016. The game – which is set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Vita – will bring a bit of colour to your PlayStation platform of choice from 25th October in North America and 28th October...

News: UK Sales Charts: Overwatch Out for Uncharted 4, DOOM

UK Sales Charts: Overwatch Out for Uncharted 4, DOOM

Evergreen arrivals continue to dominate

We have a sneaking suspicion that the UK sales charts have found three new permanent fixtures: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, DOOM, and Overwatch. While Blizzard's FPS is only in its second week – and has managed to secure top spot yet again – the other two titles have been loitering around for some time...