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  • Rumour ITV and Channel 4 Streaming to UK PS4s

    'Appy now?

    Does anyone even watch television "live" anymore? Fair enough, sporting events are best enjoyed as they happen, but we can't remember the last time that we sat down at 19:00PM on the dot to catch the latest episode of Emmerdale – it's all about on-demand these days. It's frustrating, then, that the PlayStation 4 has been missing the...


  • News You'll Get the Touch, You'll Get the Powers from 10th March

    Sony's comic book adaptation nears

    You probably won't need a particularly long memory to remember Sony's press conference derailing Powers segment at a recent E3, but you may be pleased to learn that the platform holder has followed through with the project. While Microsoft has already scrapped its entire television division, the Japanese giant's...



  • News Sony Powering Up PS Store with Original Programming


    While Netflix original shows are starting to become the norm, the same can't be said for the console streaming market. However, this may be changing in the near future. The first PlayStation Network exclusive series Powers is currently in production in the United States. This supernatural drama is based on the comic created by Brian...






  • News Gran Turismo 5 Lands Its Own Reality TV Series in the UK

    Launching in February on ITV4

    Forget about Dancing on Ice, Britain’s Got Talent, and the X-Factor – there’s a new ITV reality show in town. Sony has announced that it’s teaming up with the UK broadcaster to air a six episode television series based on its GT Academy competition. The programme will depict the plight of six Gran Turismo 5...


  • News Animated Invizimals Television Series Appearing Next Year

    Brought to life

    Sony’s augmented reality franchise Invizimals is unbelievably popular in parts of continental Europe. As such, it’s not exactly surprising to learn that the platform holder is launching an animated television series based on the Pokémon-inspired franchise. The first episode – produced in collaboration with Spanish animation...

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