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  • News PSN Down as Reports Come Flying In

    It's all kicking off

    Whoa, just when we were complaining about today's severe lack of news, we get flooded with reports that the PlayStation Network is down. As far as we can tell, Europe's being hit the hardest, but there are also complaints that it's struggling in North America, too. You can follow us on Twitter for updates If this is indeed...


  • News Hideo Kojima's Getting Poetic Over His PlayStation Tour

    "I will continue creating cutting-edge games"

    We're going to get mutilated by Metal Gear fans, but we've always found the writing in the series to be convoluted and heavy-handed. That said, creator Hideo Kojima's typing some nice stuff on Twitter as he travels back home from his PlayStation world tour. In one tweet, he talked about how developers...

  • News Apple's Assembling a Secret Virtual Reality Division

    Still think this isn't the future?

    Analysts generally agree that Sony's best placed to take advantage of the imminent virtual reality explosion, but PlayStation VR may yet meet fierce competition from Apple. Financial Times reports that the t

  • News Shawn Layden, Can You Top This Presser Entrance?

    Dear SCEA president Shawn Layden

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, and the team at Push Square want to see you respond. You may have already seen PlayStation Japan and Asia deputy president Hiroyuki Oda's entrance at the Taipei Game Show this week, but if you haven't, we've embedded it below for your convenience, courtesy of DualShockers: Our...

  • Talking Point Is PlayStation Right to Switch Focus to the West?

    Emigrating overseas

    The humble beginnings of PlayStation are well documented: Ken Kutaragi believed that Sony should get into the console business so strongly that he began developing the firm's first format behind his employer's back. The board didn't back him, but CEO Norio Ohga saw the potential – and he sent the famously hot-headed engineer...

  • News Sony's Doing Pretty Darn Well at the Moment

    Company smashes earnings expectations

    For a huge chunk of this site's life, we've reported on Sony's financial losses. You could guarantee that each quarter without fail, the firm would be in the red. But ever since Kaz Hirai took the helm, the company's trajectory has started to change. And, while it's nowhere near the juggernaut that it once...

  • News Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales

    Sony's way out in the lead

    Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One hardware sales recently, suggesting that its Monthly Active Users metric is more important than its flagship format's install base. Fortunately, an EA investor report and a bit of math has enabled us to, for the first time in a long while, see how the Redmond firm's box is performing in...

  • News Sony's Dropped a Clanger with This Let's Play Lark

    Company tries to trademark YouTube term

    Sony, why?! The early success of the PlayStation 4 can be assigned to the feel-good factor that the Japanese giant built around the format: the gamer-centric marketing, the agreeable policies, the Jack Tretton smackdown – so why the heck is the company jeapordising that by trying to trademark the popular...

  • Feature What Did We Learn from Hideo Kojima's Sony Tech Tour?

    Ac!d trip

    For the past week and a bit, Metal Gear maker Hideo Kojima has been touring the world with PlayStation 4 system architect Mark Cerny. The uber-intelligent twosome – who must surely have a combined IQ nearing the 300s – have been hitting the headquarters of practically all PlayStation studios,

  • News Your Full February PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Strong

    No, really

    You already know part of your February PlayStation Plus lineup, but what about the rest? As reported earlier, isometric cross-buy blaster Helldivers and quirky soup sim Nom Nom Galaxy are the headliners – but the PlayStation 3 lineup is pretty great, with fighting game spin-off Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and

  • News Anticipated PS4 Exclusive RIME May Finally Get Some New Details Soon

    RIME time

    Oh RIME, we remember when you broke our heart by looking incredibly promising all the way back at GamesCom 2013 - and then you all but disappeared into the void for two years. For what feels like an eternity, people have been wondering just what the heck has happened to the PlayStation 4 exclusive with its notable absence at numerous...

  • News Your Free February PlayStation Plus Games for PS4 Have Leaked

    Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy join the fun

    February's big PlayStation Plus update will include isometric alien shooter Helldivers and quirky factory sim Nom Nom Galaxy on the PlayStation 4. The lineup has been leaked via the new-gen system's user interface, which includes a Coming Soon screen featuring the two forthcoming freebies. At the time of...

  • News Let's Remember the Iconic PSone Start Screen Together

    Sony Computer Entertainment presents

    Much like Polygon Man at an E3 event eons ago, Sony Computer Entertainment is being taken out into the parking lot and shot. The Japanese giant announced today that it will be merging the iconic organisation with Sony Network Entertainment to create a new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment. It'

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    Review Gravity Rush Remastered


    It's a good thing that ex-PlayStation Vita exclusive Gravity Rush is getting a sequel, because playing PlayStation 4 port Gravity Rush Remastered highlights the untapped potential that this fledgling franchise harbours. Four years removed from its Japanese debut, the upside-down action platformer feels a little lacking in the mission variety...

  • Reaction What Does the Death of Sony Computer Entertainment Mean?

    Going through changes

    Sony Computer Entertainment, the iconic company that gave birth to the billion dollar PlayStation brand, is dead – or, at least, it will be when the new financial year begins on 1st April. The Japanese giant has announced its intention today to merge the PlayStation maker with Sony Network Entertainment, a companion...

  • News Say Goodbye to Sony Computer Entertainment

    PlayStation now operates under Sony Interactive Entertainment

    This is not the news that we expected to wake up to on a chilly Tuesday morning: Sony Computer Entertainment is no more. Don't panic, PlayStation is very much alive – but the iconic organisation housing the billion dollar brand has been renamed Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's...

  • Feature This Man's PS4 Collection Is Bigger Than Yours

    Size matters

    Hidden inside Valtteri Hyttinen's unassuming Finnish home lives a treasure: a PlayStation 4 collection so large that it spans an entire wall, and is growing by the day. The digital specialist lives and breathes Sony's new-gen box, spending his day building the PlayStation brand's social media presence, while his evenings are dedicated...

  • News Sony and Square Enix Are at It Again with Dragon Quest Builders' Marketing

    Another brick in the wall

    Remember when Sony partnered with Square Enix to cover Shinjuku train station in Dragon Quest Heroes bubble wrap? Japanese commuters were free to pop slimes until their fingers ached, and the result was an advertising campaign worth writing about. And now, with Dragon Quest Builders launching this week in the Land of the...

  • Talking Point What February PlayStation Plus Freebies Do You Want?

    Take your pick

    It's time once again to dig out your very best tap shoes and get ready to stomp them silly when February's big PlayStation Plus update inevitably doesn't live up to your expectations. While there's no official word from Sony at the time of typing, we're expecting it to reveal next month's roster of free releases at some point over...

  • News Hideo Kojima's PlayStation World Tour Arrives in London

    Rule, Britannia

    Hideo Kojima's very public technology tour has touched down in London, where he'll presumably spend the start of next week checking out the latest titles from London Studio and Media Molecule. For those that haven't been keeping up, the Metal Gear maker has spent a chunk of

  • News PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Ups the Ante with Hardcore Mode

    Evolution, indeed

    "What the Dickens!" Push Square boss man Anthony Dickens is sure to exclaim when he reads this article. The big cheese struggles with DriveClub in its default simcade state, so Hardcore mode is sure to have him staring at the luxuriously rendered roadside bumpers with more regularity. Game director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed the...

  • News PS4, Vita Prices Plunge in NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    How low can you go?

    How's that wallet of yours holding up? Hopefully you've got a few cents sitting somewhere in its change pocket, because Sony has dropped a surprise Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store. This weekend's festivities span the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, and appear to encompass smaller games. The...

  • Feature The Best Games on PS4 - Winter 2016 Edition

    Back for more

    It's been six months since we controversially categorised the best games on the PlayStation 4, and a lot has happened since then. Not only have a handful of absentees from last year's 20 strong shortlist won a place in our most active organs, but new releases have also caused us to reconsider the cream of the crop. So, in what we...

  • News PS4 Games Named Most Accessible for People with Disabilities

    Good stuff

    Gaming is a pastime that anyone can enjoy, but not every release takes into account players with disabilities. While the PlayStation 4 does now allow users to reassign buttons at an operating system level – thus making titles more accessible to everyone – the Able Gamers charity is still eager to recognise those releases that are...

  • News Yep, PS4 Is Wrecking the Competition in France, Too

    On top of the Old World

    Surprise, surprise: the PlayStation 4 is sweeping aside the Xbox One and Wii U in France according to newly released sales data from French publication LeFigaro. As we reported earlier, Sony's latest console is also dominating the market in Germany, so it's safe to say that the Japanese company appears to still ha

  • News PS4 Is Walking All Over the Competition in Germany

    Sony controls almost 70 per cent of the market

    There's a perception perhaps more among American gamers that the PlayStation 4 is only really seeing such wild success right now because Microsoft dropped the ball with its Xbox One at launch. While there's some truth to that, we've always tried to explain that the main reason Sony's so far ahead is...

  • News Check Your Emails, Tomorrow Children

    Beta codes going out today

    If you recently signed up for The Tomorrow Children beta on PlayStation 4, then you may want to go and give your emails a gander, as Sony's busy sending out codes over the course of today. If you've managed to nab one, you'll need to agree to the beta licensing mumbo jumbo then click through the appropriate links to...

  • News Nintendo's NX Probably Won't Be Compatible with the PS4

    Despite what you may have heard

    Embrace the nonsense because alongside that dumb-as-a-Jim-Carrey-and-Jeff-Daniels-double-act survey that's leaked, the silly circus has well and truly erected a tent on top of the as of yet unannounced Nintendo NX. Reports around the web earlier this morning suggested that the House of Mario's new piece of...

  • News Sony Reveals the PlayStation Store's Best Sellers For 2015

    Go big or go home

    There aren't too many surprises to be found in the PlayStation Store's list of best sellers for 2015, but hey, everyone likes a look at what's been hot over the last 12 months. In Europe, Destiny: The Taken King took the crown as the most downloaded PlayStation 4 title, beating out the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops III - which...

  • News In the Mood for an RPG? Loads of Discounts Critical Hit the EU PlayStation Store

    Bloodborne, Dragon Quest, Diablo, and more

    The European PlayStation Store's got a pretty impressive selection of discounts going on right now with a ton of role-playing games up for grabs. The likes of Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition, and Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition have all...

  • News No, Uncharted 4's Dialogue Options Won't Impact the Story

    "We're not making Mass Effect"

    Remember Uncharted 4: A Thief's End at last year's PlayStation Experience? Naughty Dog showed off some gameplay which revealed that Nathan Drake's latest would have dialogue options, essentially allowing you to pick your way through cutscenes. There was an audible gasp from the the crowd when the choices popped up on...

  • News Sony Boasts About the PS4's Japanese Lineup with Sick Beats

    That's a rap

    Sony started last year with a deluge of PlayStation 4 releases in Japan, and it looks like it's adopting the exact same strategy in 2016. The marketing tactics have changed, however: the platform holder has just uploaded a video featuring a handful of the device's upcoming titles set to some crunk beats. It's probably the dumbest thing

  • News Kojima's Been Checking Out the Motion Capture Studio Used for The Last of Us

    The world tour begins

    Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima's world tour is going to generate more degrees on N4G than a nude Rise of the Tomb Raider mod, isn't it? After opening his Twitter account in epic fashion earlier today, the PlayStation 4 architect has been posting shots of the Metal Gear maker like he's in danger of going out of fashion.

  • News PS4 Architect Mark Cerny Opens His Twitter Account with Compulsory Kojima Pic

    Ready the tubs

    Since creating one of the hottest consumer electronics products on the planet, Mark Cerny has faded back into the background – but his presence behind-the-scenes is likely as influential as ever. Fortunately, we may be about to get a little more insight into what the PlayStation 4 architect is up to, as he's just opened an official...

  • News Fat Princess Adventures on PS4 Rolls Out a Fat Update

    Fat rolls

    Fun Bits has posted on the PlayStation Blog stating that it's rolling out its latest update 1.02 for Fat Princess Adventures, which features free DLC and more cakes for the Princess to eat. The feast will be served tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 and contains two new cake slices to eat: 'Short Cakes' Tavern' and 'Aren

  • News Here's the Box Art for That Quantic Dream PS4 Collection


    Sony's preparing a boxed bundle of Quantic Dream games in March, meaning that you'll be able to get your David Cage fix in full on the PlayStation 4. The package includes the recently released Beyond: Two Souls port, as well as the upcoming Heavy Rain remaster. Agent Norman Jayden FBI's taken to bouncing a ball against a virtual wall...

  • News Could a New Tokyo Jungle Be in the Works?

    Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa teases a new project

    A lot of people probably remember Tokyo Jungle for its obscure, Pomeranian-sporting front cover, but it was an excellent game in its own right. Set in a world in which humans have become extinct and animals roam the streets of cities, players had to gather animals into packs and take over Tokyo,...

  • News Really Big Robots Wreck Each Other in RIGS PS4 Gameplay

    Lord of the ring

    RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is the closest thing resembling an actual game for PlayStation VR right now, and it's looking pretty neat – even if it's clearly still quite early. The Guerrilla Cambridge developed shooter-cross-soccer futuristic sports game sees you assuming the seat inside a supercharged mech, which you'll need to...

  • News PS4 Exclusive DriveClub to Get Bigger and Better in February

    Expected now, innit?

    Push Square big cheese Anthony Dickens may not be able to keep his Golf GTi on the road, but his sloppy racing chops aren't stopping Evolution Studios from updating DriveClub yet again. The first-party developer has taken to Twitter to tease a slew of upcoming improvements heading to the simcade smash, including the addition...

  • News These LEGO PlayStation Icons Are Too Darn Cool

    Kratos! Lara Croft! PaRappa the Rapper!

    We can probably all agree that LEGO's cooler than Shuhei Yoshida in an ice bath, but what if the blocky world were to merge with the PlayStation Nation? For its latest issue, Official PlayStation Magazine has commissioned a bunch of Sony-themed LEGO characters, which can be purchased from

  • News Check Your E-Mails for Free PlayStation Plus Sub Extensions

    Sony makes up for PSN outage with compensation

    Sony said that it would be offering PlayStation Plus extensions in the wake of the recent PlayStation Network outage, and it's come good – in Europe at least. We just received an email from the manufacturer promising us an extra 24 hours of service. In order to unlock it,

  • Feature 25 Games That Prove PlayStation Vita Ain't Dead Yet

    Alive and kickin'

    Stop! Pack up that PlayStation Vita shaped coffin and plop your posterior on a pew: Sony's smallest system may not possess the unstoppable popularity of the PlayStation 4, but if going mainstream was really considered cool, then we'd all be rocking Bieber barnets and humming the chorus to Love Yourself. No one wants to do that,...

  • News Sony Was Listening, Dark Cloud 2 Is Coming to PS4

    Set to storm the system later this month

    Good news for all of you who played PlayStation 2 RPG Dark Cloud either way back in 2000 or when it released for PlayStation 4 last year - the Sony executives have listened to your cries, and the latest PlayStation Blogcast has confirmed that the sequel will be available on the PS4 next week. Level-5's...

  • News Sony Attempts and Fails to Trademark Let's Play

    What's up, it's your boy...

    YouTubers need no longer fidget frantically, as Sony's request to trademark the term 'Let's Play' has been denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – but not because it's a popular phrase among gamers. Instead, it was denied use because of a similar trademark held since 2013 by Let'z Play of America, a...

  • News Could VRPG Be PlayStation VR's Biggest Game Yet?

    Sword Art Online time at last

    If there's one major criticism that could be pointed at PlayStation VR, it's that we haven't actually seen any proper games yet. There have been promising tech demos galore, no doubt – but if people are going to spend exorbitant amounts of cash on it, then they're going to want to see some fuller experiences. One...

  • Feature 33 PS4, PlayStation VR Predictions for 2016

    Looking to the future

    We're knee deep into 2016 already, which means that we should probably put up some PlayStation predictions before it's, like, way too late. Our very own Kell Andersen was scarily prophetic in our previous article, so this time we're all trying to get a glimpse inside the gaming crystal ball. We've compiled three predictions...

  • News Sony Marks PlayStation Plus' Five Year Anniversary with Stats Plaques for Lifers

    Life sentence

    If you think that PlayStation Plus is bad now, this author can remember when the monthly update included a retro Mega Drive title, a PlayStation Mini, and a handful of PlayStation 3 themes. The service has changed exponentially since then, and as a reward for lifetime members sticking with the subscription model for all five years of...

  • News You Can Sign Up for The Tomorrow Children PS4 Beta Right Now

    Come forward, comrades

    Bonkers PlayStation 4 title The Tomorrow Children is a tough one to describe, but if you're interested in this Sony exclusive, then you may be happy to hear that a beta is planned for the relatively near future. What's more, you can sign up for it right now by clicking through here - although it's worth mentioning that this...

  • News 23 PS3 Classics Stream to UK PlayStation Now Service

    It's now or never

    Anyone still using PlayStation Now? We should probably do an article looking at the state of the service in 2016 – but enough content brainstorming, we're actually here to tell you that 23 new PlayStation 3 games have been added to the UK service. Sony's still playing catch-up to North America on these shores, but it's now...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 3.15 Is Available Now

    But what does it do?

    It's PlayStation 4 firmware update time, so prepare your bandwidth and brace yourself for bitter disappointment: more system stability awaits. The console's latest upgrade – dubbed v3.15 for those keeping count – doesn't make any noticeable changes to Sony's device, but it weighs in at just 275.5MB, so at least you'll be...

  • News PS4 Essentials Go Cheap in NA PlayStation Store Sale

    How low can you go?

    Sony don't care that it's January and you're broke like a yo-yo without a piece of string – it's sale time in North America, and you're going to hand the organisation your one remaining thruppence. The platform holder's launched a new 'Essentials' sale which has seen the prices plunge on a slew of PlayStation 4 titles...

  • News Free PlayStation Plus Extension Details to Roll Out This Week

    For last week's PSN outage

    Remember The Great PlayStation Network Outage™ of, well, last week? Feels a bit like ancient history really, doesn't it? Sony promised that it would offer an extension to active PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as well as PlayStation Now memberships and video rentals. And it sounds like it

  • News Go Lombax to the Future with Ratchet & Clank on PS4

    European date finally confirmed

    Stitch up your sides and prepare yourself for a rib splitting adventure, as Sony has finally announced that Ratchet & Clank will release on 20th April in Europe – a little while after its pre-confirmed 12th April launch in North America. For some reason, France will get it on 15th April – we assume purely to...

  • News Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Graduates to PS4 This Week

    Lads! Lads! Lads! Lads!

    Arc the Lad doesn't have an enormous amount of brand cachet in Europe as SCEE infamously only brought one instalment overseas. That entry was PlayStation 2 debut Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Sprits, which was needlessly renamed Arc: Twilight of the Spirits because that's what European companies used to do

  • Rumour Shadow of the Beast Holds Back the Blood as PS4 Exclusive Is Delayed

    Bloody hell

    One title that we've quietly been looking forward to for quite a while now is Shadow of the Beast, which was supposed to be launching near the end of this month, on the 27th January – but according to the PlayStation Store, as spotted by VideoGamer, the hack and slasher has been delayed until the 2nd March. Of course, there's been no...

  • News Naughty Dog Is Still Teasing Nathan Drake's Death in Uncharted 4

    Not again

    At this point we're just desperate for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to actually release, because we can't take much more of this. Once again, developer Naughty Dog has set about teasing protagonist Nathan Drake's death in the upcoming sequel. Co-director Neil Druckmann told one terrible English newspaper that "this is the end for Nathan...

  • News PS5 Could Launch as Early as 2019, Reckons Analyst

    Looking to the future

    While the PlayStation 4 is already well on its way to the coveted 100 million units milestone, in a secret bunker somewhere, we suspect that system architect Mark Cerny will be thinking about the PlayStation 5. The system's years away at this point, but given that the death knell hasn't sounded on home consoles just yet, we...

  • News Resogun Dev's Alienation Annihilates Extraterrestrials on 23rd March

    Photon home

    Even though we weren't the biggest fans of isometric undead off-er Dead Nation, a new Housemarque title is always worth anticipating. And speaking on Twitter, the Finnish firm has revealed that Alienation will be charging its photon blaster in preparation for a 23rd March release. The game was previously listed for 2nd March on the UK...

  • News PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste


    It takes a brave company to ditch its own service and replace it with a competitor's, but Sony's been daring virtually all generation. We all knew that binning Qriocity – or whatever it was called – in favour of Spotify was a darn good idea, but corporations can be proud entities, and we doubt that many of you would have bet on the...

  • News PlayStation VR Will Cost You at Least $400 Says Research Group

    Place your bets

    We're not exactly sure what the sweet spot is for PlayStation VR's yet-to-be-announced price point, but we do think that Sony will probably want to go with something lower than the Oculus Rift's recently revealed $599 tag. With that in mind, it perhaps comes as no real shock that research group SuperData predicts that the PS4...

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    Review Hardware: Rivals

    Sweet goof

    Hardware: Rivals shares few similarities with Rocket League, but somewhere in the build-up to its uneventful release, someone deemed it unlawful to mention Sony's unneeded car combat reboot without tacking a reference to Psyonix's soccer smash on the bumper. That opening sentence is Exhibit A. The resemblances that it does share are...

  • Feature 10 Under the Radar PS4 Games to Look Out for in 2016

    Sticking up for the little guy

    Last year, we previewed 25 games that would make 2016 an excellent one for the PlayStation 4, including huge blockbusters like Final Fantasy XV, Mass Effect Andromeda, and The Last Guardian as well as a couple of smaller titles such as Firewatch and The Witness. While it gives a great picture of ju

  • News PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Doesn't Place Importance on Map Size

    The open world dilemma

    Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is building up to be an ambitious undertaking for first-party studio Guerrilla Games. Supposedly a sort of action role-playing game hybrid that's set in a big open world, many interested onlookers have no doubt been pondering upon the size and scope of the release, and...

  • News Many More PS4 Games Go Cheap in European Sale

    'Tis the season for savings

    Is your wallet still recovering from the Christmas period? Well, dust it off one more time and get ready for yet another round of January discounts, as Sony has plunged the prices on a several more PlayStation Store titles for the PlayStation 4. The list, kindly compiled by Videogamer, includes titles like Alien...

  • News Whoops, Sony Made a Mistake with Your January PS Plus Games

    War does change

    We sincerely hope that you weren't super excited to play the blockbuster that is Legends of War: Patton's Campaign on your PlayStation Vita this month, as Sony has stated that its inclusion in January's PlayStation Plus game selection was a mistake. Damn and blast, etc. Thankfully, all hope is not lost, as the company has revealed...

  • News Sony: There Are 100 PlayStation VR Games in Development

    But will they be any good?

    The year of virtual reality is already starting to ramp up, and it's a top source of discussion for Sony gaffer Kaz Hirai at CES 2016 this week. But while there's some positivity about the possibilities for the peripheral, some are sceptical that it won't get the kind of support that it needs to succeed. The former...

  • Reaction Oculus Rift's $599 Price Is Positive News for PlayStation VR

    Five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars

    We suspect that there may be a few smiles at Sony HQ today as the game of chicken regarding virtual reality pricing has finally come to an abrupt end. It's felt for a while like each of the major VR manufacturers have been waiting for each other to make the first move, and Oculus has faced the unenviable...

  • News Kaz Hirai Embraces Memes and GIFs During CES 2016 Presser

    Yes we Kaz

    The highlight of Sony's CES 2016 presser yesterday was Kaz Hirai presenting a slew of handpicked memes all based upon himself. The executive has admitted that the Japanese giant is willing to embrace its mistakes in the past, and he illustrated that again overnight, using some of parody account @KazHiraiCEO's tweets to show that the...

  • News PlayStation VR Skips Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference

    Hide and Seek

    We didn't really expect to see much of the PlayStation VR, did we? There were still some lingering hopes at Push Square Towers that the Japanese giant would finally set a release date and price point for the next-gen headwear, but alas, nothing was said on the matter and we're left dabbing some manly tears from our not-yet-PSVR-ed...

  • Live Watch Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference Right Here

    Consumer electronics! Yay?

    We heard that you like smartphones and 4K televisions, so we're bringing you Sony's CES 2016 press conference out of bitter obligation. The show's set to kick off at 17:00PM PST and is seriously unlikely to include anything PlayStation related, but we've got to stay up late just to make sure. CEO Kaz Hirai better at least...

  • Guide What Time Does Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference Start?

    Hirai we go

    Consumer electronics! You like phones, televisions, and those dumb gizmos that regularly put Sony in the red, right? Boy, do we have a treat for you, then – as the Japanese giant will be holding its annual CES 2016 press conference in Las Vegas this evening. While this event is usually reserved for the Japanese giant's other...

  • News Crikey! PS4's Install Base Reaches 35.9 Million Units

    Ain't no stopping this train

    Holy best seller, Batman – the PlayStation 4 has now sold 35.9 million units worldwide. The number, as reported in a Sony press release, represents the amount of consoles sold through to consumers as of 3rd January – and so it doesn't include those devices sitting in a Wal-Mart warehouse or in transit. The figure's...

  • News Watch a Hacked PS4 Playing Pokémon: PlayStation Version

    Gotta hack 'em all

    Sigh. The Push Square office has been a hotbed of communication over the past 24 hours as we consider whether to cover this PlayStation 4 hack or not. Ultimately, it sounds like console cracking crew Fail0verflow are not planning anything nefarious, so we'll give it a teensy bit of attention – if only because the footage of...

  • News Your January PlayStation Plus Games Are Available to Download Now

    Don't all rush

    The PlayStation Network went down yesterday for a rather lengthy 12 or so hours, but it's now back online, and it's brought your PlayStation Plus offering for January along with it. Good news, we suppose. In case you've been left out of the loop, this month's games include the brand new Hardware: Rivals and fantastic Grim Fandango...

  • News Sony Pledges Free PlayStation Plus Extensions After PSN Outage

    Reimbursements on the way

    If you'd have asked us to evaluate the state of the PlayStation Network this time last week, we'd have told you that it's improved significantly. Seriously, the service barely went down in 2015, and it was rock solid over Christmas. But the Sony rollercoaster never runs out of corkscrews, and, just as everyone was...

  • News Sony Trademarks New Title Named Days Gone

    But what could it be?

    Could Days Gone be Sony Bend's rumoured open world horror game at last? It's not impossible. The platform holder has filed a trademark for a new title using the abovementioned name, and it's definitely got a survival vibe to it, hasn't it? Of course, it could theoretically be anything – from a Santa Monica incubated...

  • News PSN Down Just Days into 2016

    That was fast

    Oh dear, and there we were praising the PlayStation Network for its stability over the holidays. Sony's online service is currently down for us here in the UK, and we're now getting reports that it's offline for many of you Americans, too. Follow us on Twitter for PSN updates At the time of writing, we can't even sign in, and Sony...

  • News 2016 Is the Year of VR, Says Sony London Producer

    Sink or swim

    With PlayStation VR still set to release at some point during the first half of this year, it's safe to assume that Sony's currently gearing up for a big marketing push in the near future. It's still unclear whether or not the PS4 headset will actually be a hit with consumers - as is the case with virtual reality in general - but that...

  • Feature 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 Insane

    The big one

    Republished on Saturday, 2nd January 2016: We're bringing this article back from the archives as we look back at some of Push Square's features from 2015. The original text follows. Originally published on Monday, 16th November 2015: We're at the tail end of the crazy Christmas releases period now, and inevitably our attention is...

  • Reaction Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press Conference of All Time


    Republished on Friday, 1st January 2016: We're bringing this article back from the archives as we look back at some of Push Square's features from 2015. The original text follows. Originally published on Tuesday, 16th June 2015: Push Square Towers is in a state of shock. Uneasiness quickly dissolved into ecstasy, as Sony dropped bomb...


  • News Uncharted 4's Latest Trailer Looks Even Better in LittleBigPlanet 3

    Buried in burlap

    It's been a while since we posted about LittleBigPlanet 3, hasn't it? This recreation of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's theatrical trailer deserves recognition, though, as it's pretty much spot on. Yes, the engine struggles a little bit with the complex 3D scene, but c'mon – this is damn incredible. Incidentally, are any of you...

  • News Sony: PS4 Will Receive an Unprecedented Rush of Games in 2016

    Please look forward to it

    Pundits claim that it's been a crap year for the PlayStation 4, but looking back at our internal review document reveals a very different tale. There's been an abundance of quality software on Sony's eraser-shaped box in 2015, but looking ahead to the next 12 months, things are really starting to heat up. You may want to...

  • News January's PS4 PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

    Hardware: Rivals and Grim Fandango Remastered available on 5th January

    While no official PlayStation Plus announcement has been released on the PlayStation Blog at the time of writing, emails have been sent out to PlayStation 4 owners disclosing the two free games that they'll be getting come January. First up is online vehicular combat game...

  • Talking Point What January PlayStation Plus Freebies Do You Want?

    Update announcement imminent

    Is it really that time again? Yes, it's that time again. Sony's said that, despite the ongoing holidays, we'll learn about January's batch of PlayStation Plus goodies this week, so it's time to think up your wishlist before the Japanese giant shatters your dreams. This time last year we were all looking forward to...

  • Soapbox Why Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Is 2015's Scariest Game

    Hauntin' Yaughton

    I'll let you into a little secret: I voted for P.T. in Push Square's internal Game of the Year poll last December. I wasn't alone – the survival horror sampler scraped enough votes to secure our Silver Trophy. The placement spurned outrage: how could a glorified demo possibly factor into our Best of 2014 list? But even today,...

  • News PlayStation Network Survives Seasonal Onslaught

    Outages uncommon as Sony keeps servers online

    Y'know, we considered whether we should post this, but we figured that the news doesn't always have to be negative. We'd be right on Sony's case if the PlayStation Network suffered another slip-up like last Christmas, but to be fair to the company, it kept its servers online admirably over the holiday...

  • Soapbox Why PlayStation VR Has Me Cautiously Optimistic

    Sammy Barker's starting to get stoked for the impending revolution

    It's almost make or break time for PlayStation VR, the ambitious PlayStation 4 peripheral that promises to make us a part of virtual worlds. Sony's said that the potentially expensive accessory will launch in the first half of 2016, which means that it's less than six months away...

  • Feature 27 PS4 Exclusives to Anticipate in 2016

    The biggest and best year yet

    So, you've excavated a brand new PlayStation 4 from beneath your Christmas tree, and you're wondering what your new box of tricks can do? Well, aside from all of the glorious games that the fat man shoved down your chimney earlier in the week, you've picked the right time to join the new-gen party – delays be...

  • News PS4 Games Feel Festive Cheer in NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    Flash in the pan

    You didn't think that Europe was going to get a one up on you Americans, did you? SCEE's gigantic January sale may well be excellent, but SCEA's rolled out a pretty sizeable Flash Sale in North America, which is set to end on 28th December. It includes a slew of PlayStation 4 games, such as Batman: Arkham Knight, Mad Max, and...

  • Guide How to Check if the PSN's Offline This Christmas

    Down but not out

    Look, we hope as much as you do that the PlayStation Network makes it through Christmas intact, but we have to face facts – there's a strong chance of turbulence over the next few days. Sony's been really good this year at both keeping its servers online and ensuring that – when the worst happens – it responds quickly, so...

  • News January's PlayStation Plus Freebies Will Be Revealed Next Week

    Auld Lang Fine

    Nobody wants to head into the holidays with a cloud hanging over their heads, so Sony has smartly delayed January's big PlayStation Plus update announcement until next week – after all, these reveals rarely make people happy these days, do they? Writing on Twitter, PlayStation Blog punching bag Fred Dutton declared that the...

  • News Gigantic EU PS4, Vita January PlayStation Store Sale Will Empty Your Wallet

    Hope you've been saving

    Yeah, the 12 Deals of Christmas sucked, but SCEE has delivered at the very last minute. The platform holder's rolled out discounts on over 300 games on the European PlayStation Store today, with tons of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita offers worthy of recommendation. Take, for instance, DriveClub, which can b

  • News Uncharted 4's Been Delayed Yet Again on PS4

    Crap crap crap

    Here's a nice Christmas gift for you: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been delayed yet again on the PlayStation 4. The exclusive was originally meant to release in late 2015 before it was pushed into 2016, and now it's been knocked back even further. The upcoming blockbuster had previously been pegged with an 18th March 2016 launch...

  • News Recreate Gogglebox with the All 4 App on PS4

    Hollyoaks, here we come

    Just in time for Christmas: the All 4 app is launching today on the PlayStation 4. This means that you'll be able to spend your holidays watching old episodes of Peep Show, while simultaneously declaring Homeland's Claire Danes "the one". The app will, of course, include access to Channel 4 catch-up content, as well as...

  • News Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Gets a Crap New Cover

    Drake's misfortune

    You didn't think that the gorgeous golden Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection cover was going to last, did you? Perhaps realising that the original box art didn't quite capture the "SUCH VALUE! MUCH QUALITY!" nature of the compilation, SCEE has re-packaged the title in Europe with a garbage front flaunting the fact that you get...

  • News LittleBigPlanet 3 and More PS4 Games Go Cheap in US Holiday Sale

    'Tis the season for empty wallets

    You're no doubt reaching that point where you feel like decking Deck the Halls, but hang tight – Christmas is almost here, which means that it'll be over soon as well. The good news is that Sony has rolled out week three of its US PlayStation Network holiday sale, and it's bursting with bargains yet again...

  • News PS4 Games Secure Highest Console Average Score on Metacritic

    Weak lineup? Computer says no

    Being the current hotness, the PlayStation 4 has come under increased scrutiny. But according to Metacritic, the console had the best games this year – assuming that we pop PC and portables in a different category. In truth, the system's average Metascore of 70.5 was barely above the Xbox One – but over 70 more...

  • News Tons More Classic PS2 Games Rated for PS4

    Wild Arms! Siren! Primal!

    There's some discontent with Sony's decision to charge for PlayStation 2 titles on the PlayStation 4, but personally we're loving the Trophy enhanced retro releases. And so we're excited to learn that several more classics have been rated by the ESRB, including sight jacking horror sim Siren and the excellent

  • News Naughty Dog Takes You Behind the Scenes on Uncharted 4

    And teases Nate's Theme 4.0

    The other part of Naughty Dog's pre-The Force Awakens presentation takes you behind the scenes on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End so that you can marvel at Troy Baker's haircut – and also get a feel for how the game's being made. We get a look at the developer's familiar motion capture studio, as well as some input from...

  • News PS4 Exclusive DriveClub's Ready to Paint the Town Red

    City courses on the way

    Evolution Studios ain't ready to pump DriveClub's brakes just yet. The PlayStation 4's perennially underrated racer looks set to get even better in 2016 – with the addition of city tracks. The developer teased the new arrivals in a tantalising Twitter message, showing an image of a bike zipping around a rain-slicked...

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