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  • News Vita's Friend Network Application Makes Hooking Up a Breeze

    Mingling madness

    If you’re a touch antisocial in the skin, then PlayStation Vita’s upcoming Friend Network application should get you chatting in no time. The download – which stars PlayStation mascot Toro – has been available in Asia for a while now, and allows you to “visualise your friends and gaming buddies through the use of avatars...



  • News Frobisher Says! Squashes the Toffs in North America Next Week

    Deliver that pudding

    Frobisher Says!, the PlayStation Vita’s weird and wonderful answer to WarioWare, will finally arrive in North America next week. From 23rd October you’ll be able to download the free application, and sample the title's 50 delightfully madcap mini-games. Highlights include washing an extraordinarily long sausage dog and...


  • News Nurture Your Own Ecosystem in Ecolibrium on Vita

    Flora and fauna

    Bizarre ecosystem simulator Ecolibrium is set to launch on the PlayStation Vita in Europe tomorrow, publisher Sony has announced. The free application challenges you to “maintain harmony within your own created environment”. You’ll need to select complementary plants, animals and artefacts in order to balance your world. Make...


  • News Discover Frobisher Says and tag on PS Vita

    Tag the toffs

    Of all the PlayStation Vita titles we’ve been lucky enough to sample, Honeyslug’s delightfully daft Frobisher Says stands head and shoulders above the rest. The curious mix of WarioWare and Rhythmn Heaven utilises Sony’s new handheld in some bafflingly imaginative ways, and it presents it in such an odd and assured manner that...