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  • News PS5 Could Launch As Early As Next Year, Reckons Analyst

    Pretty bloody unlikely, though

    One analyst believes that Sony is readying the PlayStation 5 for release in 2018 – but we respectfully disagree. Macquarie Capital Securities forecaster Damian Thong told The Wall Street Journal that Sony's next-gen system could drop as early as the second half of next year, with his accurate PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim...

  • News Sony Expected to Announce 60 Million PS4 Milestone

    Will be awkward if it doesn't now

    Sony's scheduled to report its financial earnings tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone), and analyst firm Super Data speculates that the company will confirm that PlayStation 4's sales have passed the 60 million units milestone. As of 1st January, the console was at 53.4 million units sold through to...






  • News Analyst: PS4 Will Have Sold 80 Million Units by 2019

    System will outsell Xbox One by 40 per cent

    We don't like looking as far forward as next week, so the analysts at Strategy Analytics must have had to brace themselves when thinking ahead all the way to 2019. Fortunately for us, the firm reckons that the future looks bright for Sony, as it believes that the PlayStation 4 will reproduce the success of...


  • News This Analyst Thinks the PS4 Will Sell 51 Million Units by 2016


    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 is doing very well for itself, selling over seven million units at last count, and likely working its way towards another major milestone as we type. However, writing as part of its latest console forecast, the International Data Corporation predicts that even better times await the Japanese...





  • News PlayStation 4 May Well Be Make or Break for Struggling Sony

    Not playing around

    We recently reported on Sony's less than successful second quarter financial results – a respectable ¥3.5 billion ($35 million) profit in the first quarter was followed by a dismal net loss of ¥19.3 billion ($197 million) in the second. The poor performance was attributed to a sluggish turn by the organisation's movie...



  • News Another Analyst Reckons the PS4 Will Retail for Less Than $400

    Cheap as chips

    Michael Pachter isn’t the only industry analyst that believes that Sony has learned from the PlayStation 3’s disastrous price tag. In a note deployed to investors earlier today, Sterne Agee employee Arvind Bhatia said that the company will not repeat the same mistakes, and will subsequently launch the PlayStation 4 at a much more...

  • News Pachter Reckons That the PS4's Bill of Materials Is Around $275

    Positive predictions

    Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that the total bill of materials required to construct the PlayStation 4 will cost Sony around $275 – some $50 less than the components needed to build the Xbox One. The divisive Wedbush Securities employee revealed the tidbit in a note released to investors ahead of E3, justifying...





  • News Analyst: Sony May Need to Cut the PS Vita's Price Drastically

    All aboard

    Despite the PlayStation Vita showing serious signs of life during Black Friday week, industry analyst Billy Pidgeon has admitted that Sony may need to “drastically” slash the price of the device in order to resurrect its fortunes. The pundit pointed to Nintendo’s 3DS price drop, adding that if “the [system's] install base remains...


  • News Pachter: Exciting Unannounced Vita Title on the Horizon

    Get hype

    If Sony’s going to come anywhere near to achieving its sales targets for Vita, it’s going to need some big software releases over the next 12 months. Thankfully, lovable industry analyst Michael Pachter has teased that there’s at least one exciting title on the horizon. Speaking on the latest episode of the Bonus Round, the...

  • News Analyst: Sony Vita Sales Target Will Be a "Stretch"

    Unless there's a price drop

    During its investor’s conference last week, Sony announced that it intends to sell 16 million PSP and Vita units over the coming fiscal year (ending 31st March, 2013). Looking at current PSP sales trends, that means the company expects to sell around 10 million Vitas over the next 12 months. But RW Baird analyst Colin...


  • News Analyst: PS4 Must Launch First to "Remain Competitive"

    Timing is everything

    With the next generation of consoles supposedly looming, Sony finds itself in an interesting place. The PlayStation 3 has only really recently hit its stride, with its life-cycle likely to be extended later this year when it inevitably reaches $199. As such, the Japanese giant could do with holding off the next generation for...


  • News Michael Pachter Responds to Orbis Rumours

    Warns against anti-used games

    While we’re still trying to wrap our heads around yesterday’s PlayStation Orbis rumours, seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter has whipped out his crystal ball and provided some insight on the murmurs. Chatting with GamesIndustry, Pachter explained that it’s unlikely Sony will install anti-used game measures...


  • News Analyst: Sony To Get PlayStation 4 Out Ahead Of Next XBOX

    We told you it was starting

    Only yesterday did we post a report claiming that a number of internal Sony studios had started work on the next generation of hardware, and now we've got PS4 stories popping out of our ears. The latest report comes courtesy of US analyst Colin Sebastian, who believes that neither Microsoft nor Sony will have new hardware ready before 2013. While that might be a stinger..







  • News Analysts: Sony NGP Between $300 and $350

    Start saving

    Electronic Entertainment Design and Research’s Jesse Divnich has cited a $300 -$350 price tag for Sony’s Next Generation Portable, the NGP. The market is ripe for portable high-end gaming. The NGP will be a serious threat to all forms of portable entertainment. After seeing the specs today, if the NGP can’t succeed, it is clear...

  • News EEDAR Pegs Sony's NGP In The $300-$350 Price Bracket

    Sony said after the NGP's announcement yesterday that the device's price would be "affordable" and "appropriate for the handheld space"

    EEDAR's Jesse Divinch reckons that puts the system in the $300-$350 price bracket. Divinch doesn't think the high price will be a problem though, explaining, "The market is ripe for portable high-end gaming. The NGP will be a serious threat to all forms of..


  • News Sony Right to Target Core Gamers with Move, says Analyst

    The brilliantly named Billy Pidgeon

    If Kinect is for casual, Move is for more accomplished gamers, with M2 Research's senior analyst Billy Pidgeon backing Sony's strategy in selling the motion controller to regular gamers. Speaking to IndustryGamers Pidgeon emphasised Move's appeal to enthusiastic gamers thanks to solid titles such as MAG, Heavy...


  • News Move Sold "Below Expectations" in US, Claims Analyst

    But it's Pachter, so get the salt ready

    Although the NPD reports claim PlayStation Move drove accessory sales upwards last month, and Sony claiming Move is outselling its expectations in Europe, it's not all roses and sunshine in Move World according to US analyst Wedbush Morgan's main games mouthpiece Michael Pachter. Even though we believe Move...

  • News Analyst says Move Off to a Good Start at Retail

    Demand surprisingly high

    Although there are no hard figures for how many units PlayStation Move has sold in its first weeks on sale, US analyst Lazard Capital Markets believes the accessory is off to a great start. In a survey of consumers the analyst found demand to be higher than expected, particularly considering the "relatively high price...

  • News Pachter Predicts Hardware Price-Cuts "Across The Board" In 2011

    Infamous video games analyst Michael Pachter has predicted $50 console price-cuts "across the board" next year, with Microsoft expected to take charge in the Spring

    "We estimate that a $50 console price cut across the board will impact software sales by a positive 5%, and we expect Microsoft to lead with a cut some time in Spring 2011," he said. Pachter added that he believes the..


  • News Activision: Playstation 3 Will Outsell XBOX 360 In 2010

    As part of their internal estimates for console and portable hardware in North America and Europe, Activision has revealed that they expect the Playstation 3 to rule the roost in 2010

    Well, certainly over the XBOX 360 anyway. Their predictions show that they expect the Playstation 3 install base to jump by 9 million in the coming year, while they expect the XBOX 360 will manage just 8 million..




  • News Playstation 3 Is Clawing Back Global Market Share

    Increased sales, a fairer attitude, an entirely new marketing campaign - there's no doubt that the Playstation 3 is making somewhat of a comeback

    It's a thought emphasised in a report by Research & Markets, which suggests the system is gathering steam worldwide. According to the report, "The PS3 is dominant in Japan and Korea and as of June 2008, has begun to outsell the Xbox 360 in..

  • News Playstation 3 To See Greatest Year Over Year Growth In January

    Hardly a surprising revelation, but one analyst believes that Playstation 3 will see the greatest YoY growth in next week's January NPD report

    Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee reckons that the PS3 will keep its momentum throughout January and "will have the best year-over-year growth in January among all consoles." This is on the back of the PS3 Slim's release, and some much stronger..




  • News Analyst: "The Wii Has Saved Sony"

    So, Sony didn't make the Wii

    They made the Playstation 3 instead. The Wii has been an absolute runaway success. So what in the world leads analysts DFC Intelligence to the conclusion that the Wii saved Sony. It's quite simple really - by keeping Microsoft's XBOX 360 in touch."The main danger Sony faced was that the Xbox 360 would become embedded as the system of choice. Instead consumers..


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