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  • Guide September 2017 PS4 Release Dates

    Every game on the way

    What games are releasing on the PlayStation 4 in September 2017? Well, we’re in the thick of the holiday build-up now, and sports games are pretty much the order of the day. But beyond FIFA 18 et al, there are some big hitters dropping this month – including a little title called Destiny 2. It’ll be accompanied by mash-up...

  • Guide August 2017 PS4 Release Dates

    An unparalleled stream of summer software

    August 2017’s gigantic PlayStation 4 release date schedule is honestly unprecedented. This is supposed to be a quiet summer month, but Sony’s system is just defying all rules this generation, and we’re getting a lineup that looks like this. There’s just so much good stuff here that it’s difficult...


  • Guide July 2017 PS4 Release Dates

    Every upcoming PlayStation 4 launch confirmed for July 2017

    The slow summer months have finally arrived, and for the first time in 2017, the PlayStation 4 is taking a bit of a breather – and giving you an opportunity to work through your backlog. Assuming you’re all up to date, though, the release schedule isn’t completely dead: Final Fantasy...


  • Guide June 2017 PS4 Release Dates

    Every upcoming PlayStation 4 launch confirmed for June 2017

    June 2017’s new PlayStation 4 game releases include a trio of popular PSone properties making their long-awaited new-gen debut: Tekken 7, WipEout Omega Collection, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. The month may also be host to E3 2017, but there’s a surprising number of big game...


  • Guide May 2017 PS4 Games Release Dates

    All upcoming PlayStation 4 launches in for May 2017

    After the post-fiscal year madness of April 2017, the PlayStation 4 release date slate for May 2017 is much quieter. That's not to say there are an absence of games to pad the time prior to E3 2017, though, with some fairly big titles like Prey, Injustice 2, and RiME due out. In the PlayStation VR...


  • Guide April 2017 PS4 Games Release Dates

    Upcoming PlayStation 4 releases in April 2017

    With the ordinarily slow month of April representing a brand new fiscal year, you may be forgiven for thinking that the PlayStation 4's purple patch may be coming to an end. But as our April 2017 PS4 games release dates guide shows, there's lots to look forward to over the Easter period and beyond. The...



  • News Vita Software Attach Rate Below 1:1 at Japanese Launch

    Why buy a console but no games?

    The PlayStation Vita Japanese launch sales figures analysis continues with word from Media Create that not everyone who bought a Vita actually bought a game to go with it. Media Create's data states the Vita's launch games combined for a total of 300,000 units sold during the launch weekend. Considering Sony sold...


  • News 38 Third-Party PS Vita Games Headed to Europe


    We already knew PS Vita would be supported with such interesting third-party offerings as Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Touch My Katamari and Army Corps of Hell, but we had no idea the handheld would house such mystifying titles as Dragon's Racing and Putty Squad. Below you'll find the full list of third-party offerings currently in...

  • News PS Vita's First-Party European Launch Line-up Revealed

    Ready and waiting

    Sony has just revealed the complete list of first-party games launching on PS Vita across Europe on February 22nd of next year. The list includes games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Escape Plan, as well as the two new PS Vita games just announced. Browse the full list below, and be sure to

  • News Create Your Own Character in Lords of Apocalypse

    Lords of Customization

    Square Enix's upcoming PS Vita RPG Lords of Apocalypse will offer up lots of character customization options for players, allowing them to mix and match their outfits, weaponry and appearance. In the video below, Square Enix gives us a taste of some of the over the top equipment characters can don, like riot gear, divine armor...


  • News Army Corps of Hell Invades Europe 2012


    Army Corps of Hell, Square Enix's PS Vita game that blends Pikmin-like gameplay with pure death metal, has just been confirmed for a 2012 release in Europe. The game has players controlling "goblin soldiers" that come in a variety of classes, each with unique abilities and powers. Players use the Vita's touch controls to...


  • Rumour Motion Sports Adrenaline Flowing to Move

    Ubi gets sporty

    Ubisoft released MotionSports on Kinect to almost universal apathy last year, so the rumour that the publisher is preparing a Move-enabled sequel might not fill you with excitement. UK retailer Gamesbasement has listed Motion Sports Adrenaline from Ubisoft, with no information other than an expectd £39.99 price tag. The...


  • News Channel the Spirit of David Bowie with Let's Dance on Move

    Put on your red shoes

    It's a wonder there haven't been more dedicated dance games on Move considering the proliferation of the genre on other consoles, but that under-developed genre is about to get one more entry in the form of Let's Dance, as leaked by Play.com. The game's product page reveals absolutely nothing about the game, other than its...


  • News Select Move Launch Titles Include Demos on the Disc

    Truly start the party with demos and games in one

    You won't be able to escape Move demos at launch: available in the Starter Pack, free to download from PlayStation Network and now confirmed as shipping on the Blu-Ray discs of certain launch titles. Put Start the Party or Kung Fu Rider into your PS3 and hop over to the What's New menu, where you'll...

  • News David Cage: Move Needs More Support from Core Titles

    Quantic Dream boss emphasises importance of AAA games

    Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is undoubtedly one of the Move's AAA titles over the launch period, with the studio having devoted a huge amount of its workforce to the development of a free Move-enabling patch and bonus video content too. Studio founder recently David Cage spoke to GamesIndustry.biz...

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