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The official launch of Media Molecule's Dreams is right around the corner. After a lengthy stint of early access, the PlayStation 4 exclusive is finally ready, and we can't wait. Whether you want to stretch your creative muscles with the comprehensive tool set, or just want to explore the thousands of user-made experiences, Dreams has something to offer pretty much everyone. Below, we'll run you through some common questions about the game ahead of release.

What is the release date for Dreams on PS4?

Dreams will launch worldwide on Friday 14th February, 2020. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wait, didn't Dreams launch on PS4 already?

Sort of, but not really. Developer Media Molecule released an early access version of Dreams between April and December of 2019. This was an incomplete build of the game that focused primarily on the creation and social aspects of the title. What will release this coming February is the final, complete game.

Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 FAQ Guide 2

Are there any pre-order bonuses for Dreams on PS4?

If you pre-order Dreams digitally on PlayStation Store, you'll get a PS4 dynamic theme. As far as we're aware, there are no bonuses for pre-ordering the physical edition of the game.

Is there a special edition of Dreams on PS4?

So far, we've only seen the basic version of Dreams available for pre-order. We doubt there will be any kind of special edition.

When will Dreams pre-load begin on PS4?

Assuming you've pre-ordered the game digitally via PlayStation Store, you'll be able to pre-load Dreams ahead of release on PS4. The pre-load feature automatically kicks in a few days before launch, so we would expect the feature to download Dreams the week commencing the 9th February.

Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 FAQ Guide 3

How much does Dreams cost?

Dreams will be available for £34.99 / $39.99. If you purchased the early access version of the game, you will have saved £10 / $10 on this launch price.

If you bought Dreams in early access, do you have to buy the game again?

Nope! Anyone who already owns the early access version of Dreams will automatically have the game updated to the full retail version at no extra charge. On launch day, a patch for the early access app will upgrade the game to the final build.

Will early access creations be carried over to the full version of Dreams?

Yes. Everything made in Dreams, whether in the beta or early access, will be present and correct when the full game launches in February.

What can you make in Dreams on PS4?

Almost anything. It's difficult to convey in words, but you really can use Dreams' creation tools to craft pretty much anything that springs to mind. There are already hundreds of thousands of community creations, including static works of art, original music, environments, animations, short films, music videos, mini-games, and full-on adventures to play. Just in terms of games, you could make racers, first person shooters, visual novels, platformers, shoot-em-ups, fighters, and the list goes on and on. The variety is mind-boggling, and it's only going to get even more diverse with time. With enough practice, you can make basically whatever you like.

Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 FAQ Guide 4

Do you have to make things in Dreams on PS4?

No, you don't. While the suite of creation tools in Dreams is hugely impressive, and we'd encourage you to try them out, you're not required to spend any time making stuff at all. There will be more than enough to do if you don't fancy making something of your own.

What else is there to do in Dreams besides creating things?

Dreams will feature a more traditional story mode crafted by Media Molecule. This part of the game is known as Art's Dream, and will showcase the enormous potential and variety of the game's creative tools via three distinct themes. Once you've wrapped up your time with this campaign, you can head online to the Dreamiverse, where you'll find a vast collection of community-made games, music, artwork, and more. With hundreds of thousands of creations and counting, you'll have a near-bottomless well of weird and wonderful things to experience.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to use the online features in Dreams?

There doesn't seem to be official word on this, but from what we can gather, you won't need a PS Plus subscription to go online in Dreams. You didn't need to be a Plus member for the early access period, and we imagine this philosophy will carry over to the full game too. With the community aspect being so key to the game, we have to assume the online features will be open to all players. We'll update this FAQ if we learn more.

Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 FAQ Guide 5

Do you have to play Dreams with Move motion controllers?

No. Currently, there are two distinct control methods for Dreams. One is indeed a pair of PlayStation Move wands, but it's also perfectly viable to simply use a regular DualShock 4 PS4 controller. Dreams has a comprehensive suite of tutorials for both control types.

Media Molecule is also working on another control scheme that won't require motions or gestures.

Will Dreams have PSVR support?

Media Molecule is working on implementing PlayStation VR support into Dreams. This won't be available at launch, but it's definitely something that will arrive later down the line.

Is Dreams coming to PC in the future?

There has been some chatter about this, but the fact of the matter is Media Molecule is a Sony-owned studio, making a port to other platforms unlikely. For now, Dreams is only slated for release on PS4. Whether Sony makes an exception for Dreams, we will have to wait and see.

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