Are you tired of the microtransaction-filled, randomised nature of FIFA 20's Ultimate Team mode? If you're looking for something a little more light-hearted and simpler, then Golazo! is seemingly something worth checking out. Launching next week on PlayStation 4, you can get a piece of the footballing action in the trailer above.

From the 2.5D perspective, you'll be able to take control of 52 national teams in a twist on the beautiful game which gets rid of fouls and offsides. Compete in the International Cup with power-ups that give you the edge over your opponent, while local multiplayer for up to four friends give you the chance to berate a pal when you go clean through with their best striker.

Our friends over at Nintendo Life reviewed the game upon its Nintendo Switch release a few months back, coining it a "competent love letter to '90s arcade football games, accurately capturing both their strengths and weaknesses." Awarded a 7/10, is this a sporty title you'll be picking up on PS4? Give us your best shot in the comments below.