One look at A Plague Tale: Innocence, and it's fairly clear where its inspirations lie. The bleak action adventure apes The Last of Us in a few ways, and while it's not quite on the same level, some of the gameplay, and certainly the tone, is pretty similar. A new, 8-minute gameplay video shows protagonist Amicia making her way through a town overrun by enemies and, of course, the game's signature hordes of rats.

In search of her brother, she has to navigate some pretty grisly locations while fending off the rats with sources of light and avoiding the attention of the guards. It seems a big part of this will include scavenging for useful items, and crafting equipment in a radial menu. You'll also be able to upgrade certain things at specific points, allowing you to carry more ammo, or make Amicia's sling weapon quieter. The game is looking pretty decent, if a little derivative. Still, if the story side of things holds up, this could be an interesting title.

What do you think of A Plague Tale: Innocence? Will you be dodging rats in medieval France next month? Light a fire in the comments below.

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