Fallout 76 PS4 PlayStation 4 Bethesda

If you bought Fallout 76 then not only will you have received a desperately disappointing, buggy, borderline broken game – you’ll also have paid over the odds for it. Just a week after release – and one gigantic, pointless patch later – Bethesda has decided to discount the title heavily, slapping all of its fans in the face in the process.

You can currently snag the open world survival title for a few cents over $40 from the North American PlayStation Store, but Amazon is carrying cut-price physical copies in the UK and the USA as well:

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This isn’t just a small discount – it’s a third off! We should repeat that the title launched full-price just over seven days ago. How do you feel about this? Is Bethesda just rubbing salt into deep wounds at this point? Try to maintain some semblance of calm in the comments section below.