Monster Hunter: World is shaping up to be a huge creature-crunching package, especially when you take this latest quote from director Yuya Tokuda into account. Tokuda told Mein-MMO that the game's story takes anywhere from 40 to 50 hours to complete.

We don't know too much about said story at this point in time, but clearly Capcom's trying something a bit different with its most ambitious Monster Hunter title yet. Going by what we've seen of the release so far, you can expect cutscenes and massive boss battles from the campaign.

Of course, Tokuda also stresses that once the story is over, you'll be able to continue playing. In typical series fashion, you're encouraged to keep hunting beasts in order to steadily improve your equipment. We imagine there'll be tough post-game challenges to take on, too.

What are you hoping to see in World's story? Whack some monsters in the comments section below.