PlayStation Plus’ price is rising sharply in Europe on 31st August, but Sony’s offered a peace offering in the form of 15 months membership for the price of 12 months. Starting today until 29th August on the European PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to pay £39.99 for a full 15 months of membership. Keep in mind that from 31st August, you’ll have to shell out £49.99 for just 12 months.

Subscriptions do stack, so even if you have plenty of time left on your current membership, you can just add 15 months on top. To be honest, while we do think there are honourable intentions here, it does seem a little bit shady. It reminds us of when Tesco used to increase the price of its products so that it could say they were “reduced” when it put them back down to normal price.

Meh, it is what it is we suppose – if you know you’re going to be using PlayStation Plus for the foreseeable future, then you may as well shell out now and reap the savings if you have the spare cash. You can take advantage of the offer via the PlayStation Store.