Y’know when football teams reveal their official instant ramen noodle partners and other godawful garbage like that? Destiny 2 has been paying attention. The game – which, we’ll stress, is in no real need of extra marketing – is selling out faster than your favourite indie band after landing a Top 40 hit.

You may have heard that the title’s partnering with, er, Pop Tarts – the association’s been a target of much ridicule on social media for a few days now. If you didn't catch the news, those who purchase the toaster-based sugary snacks will get XP bonuses and in-game gear, as will those who buy specially marked cans of Rockstar Energy drink. Gross.

But now Virgin Fibre members in the UK can get an exclusive in-game Sparrow marked with the company’s red-and-white colours. Because, y’know, we’re desperate for a reminder of how much we miss Virgin Cola each time we boot up the first-person shooter. Seriously, though, is this all a bit much – or are we overreacting? Seal a commercial partner in the comments section below.

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