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Mafia III Smuggles a Stealth PS4 Pro Patch

Posted by Robert Ramsey

In and out

Its popularity may have fallen off a cliff a few days after it launched, but at least Mafia III is still being supported by developer Hanger 13. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, the sandbox crime sim has very quietly received a PS4 Pro update - there's apparently no mention whatsoever of Pro support in the patch notes, which seems a bit daft.

According to the egghead publication, the update brings a number of improvements, including a resolution boost. While said boost isn't huge, Digital Foundry claims that it's still a noticeable jump ahead of how the game looks on a standard PlayStation 4. Similarly, the title seems to load in various details that much quicker when travelling at speed.

Perhaps most importantly, though, the release supposedly runs better with this patch installed. The publication reports that frame-pacing and tearing issues have been fixed, although it also notes that there are still some performance dips in particularly busy areas. Can't win 'em all, eh?

Are you still playing Mafia III? Will you be putting this update to the test? Grab a handful of thugs and storm the comments section below.


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Splat said:

I'm one of the few people that really enjoyed this game. The gameplay is repetitive but the story kept me coming back for more.

I'm looking forward to the DLC and a Pro Patch is a nice bonus.



daveofduncan said:

I asked for this and got it for Christmas so I'll welcome all patches until I start it. Adoring Steep at the moment and still have Doom and ROTTR to get through!



DLB3 said:

This was my biggest disappointment of the year. Great story and soundtrack though.



roe said:

I enjoyed it overall despite the gameplay being awful (imo) and it being buggy as hell.

That said, I'm looking to play it again one day and I'm hoping that patches like this all make it better when I do finally get round to it.

Also interested in what they do with the DLC, if they still stick to that.



gingerfrog said:

This is such a compelling reason to buy single player games 6 months or so behind release. You can't miss what you've never had. I'm lucky enough to have a pro, I played ratchet and clank after the pro patch, I've got ROTTR and titanfall 2still to play through having been patched and hopefully excelling on the pro. Looks like this will be a great bargain halfway through 2017. If companies want me to buy full price day 1 then get all the bugs sorted at launch. Having said that apart from titanfall I do buy my multiplayer games day 1.say what you like about COD but it works straight out the box as intended.



Constable_What said:

@Splat I really enjoyed this game as well, and I am looking forward to playing it again once they release some more content. Namely the ability to change clothes.



Totaldude911 said:

I love the story in this game. The attention to detail that you don't see in other open world borefests makes the world actually feel alive. I just wish the missions were as varied as Mafia 2.



SPGFan34 said:

@daveofduncan Oh, i've got Steep for christmas too, but i haven't started playing it yet. I'll give you my gamertag if you're looking for someone to play online with, i'll probably play it over Feburary half-term.



SPGFan34 said:

@Totaldude911 Yeah, i think it lacks the mission design in 2. Also,i did find the characters in Mafia 2 that bit more lively and attachable. Great game, overall though, and people seem to overlook the fact it's impressive because the developers are a new studio and that this is their debut game.



PlaytendoGuy said:

Nice to see they're still updating a game, I just hope the next Mafia game will have way more variety in it.



PaperyWhiteBoy said:

I'm still kind of interested in this. I loved no. 2 so was really looking forward to it, but the reviews put me off in the end. If they'd stuck it in the January sale I probably would have taken the plunge, that said. They didn't, though, so what's a boy to do?*

  • Well...pick up Mad Max for £12 instead (not sure how I feel about that one yet, though - only played a few hours and open-world fatigue syndrome already feels like it's started kicking in)

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