the witness ps4 bug.jpg

Jonathon Blow's beautiful new project, The Witness, is finally here, and many PlayStation players - including many Push Square staffers - are pumped to play through it. However, some users have been complaining that the game's save system is subpar, claiming that the title doesn't automatically back-up saves and doesn't rotate multiple saves, either.

That alone should make a good case for backing up your saves via PlayStation Plus cloud storage, or with a USB stick, but a certain game breaking bug has been discovered that could royally screw players who haven't got a copy of their most recent save file. Very minor spoilers follow.

At one point in the game, you'll be able to ride on a boat. However, in certain circumstances, you can be pushed out of the boat and outside of the invisible walls of the game, therefore rendering you stuck.

If you get into this situation and don't have any backup save, do not load another save. Apparently, doing this will automatically save yourself in your sticky situation, completely ruining one of your save files. Instead, quit out of The Witness and start it up again, and hope that you weren't autosaved in your stuck position.

Are you planning on buying The Witness? Please, please backup your saves in the comments below.