Net High PlayStation Vita PS Vita

There's a good chance that while you've never been in a real fight, you've probably engaged in the odd flame war from time to time. As we move into an age of introversion and social network skirmishes, it's strange that it's taken this long for the industry to parody it in a game. Fortunately, the intriguing Net High is all about going into online battle with Internet obsessed frauds.

In the PlayStation Vita exclusive, you'll play as Oreshi, a 21-year-old part-timer out to expose the lies of those living double-lives online. According to a Gematsu translation of the game's Famitsu reveal, the adventure will consist of two components: gathering evidence and 'Flame Wars'. The latter, it seems, will work like your typical online exchange, where you'll need to call your opponent out.

It's hard to get a feel for how the gameplay loop will work from such limited information, but it perhaps sounds a little bit like Danganronpa to us, in that you'll be searching for evidence and then attempting to expose the lies of your online adversaries. Either way, it looks like a brilliant concept, but the text-heavy gameplay may make a localisation a challenging proposition.