When poor little Final Fantasy Agito was announced for smartphones and tablets, it was vastly ignored in the West, mainly because of its purpose as a prequel and companion game to the unreleased Final Fantasy Type-0. To add to the PlayStation 4 port announcement of the former PSP exclusive title, however, Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy Agito + for the PlayStation Vita – an enhanced version of the mobile game.

While details of the re-release haven't yet been revealed, the episodic story of the mobile version wrapped up in Japan this month, so we wouldn't be surprised if it contained the plot in its entirety. This could also mean that it could be skipping the mobile market in the West, and be released solely as a Vita title shortly after Type-0's release. We expect to be kept in the dark for quite some time, so check out the embedded trailer below to pass it by with a horribly mismatched idol backing track.

[via youtube.com]