Have you ever wanted to go to a summer music festival without the bad weather, mud, and terrifying lavatories? It might not match the real deal, but this year you will be able to hold your own outdoor party with PlayStation Vita exclusive BigFest. Managing a field of young hipsters will be your quest in this festival management simulator. From the grubby food shacks to the big name bands, everything will be in your control as you try and make an extravaganza that would put Glastonbury to shame.

You'll need to think carefully before you go too wild, however, as you'll need to pick bands that fit your audience's tastes – we're not sure that a country singer would go down too well at a rock concert. Don't worry about getting bored of the same old songs, though, as there will be a massive library of unsigned, European bands available to discover. If you make the crowd go wild, you'll be able to tackle more expensive festivals, allowing you to upgrade that "bog-standard toilet" at last.

Don't expect to keep relying on your "go to" bands, as their fame may just get to their heads. Just like in real life, there will be an in-game ranking of what's hot and what's not depending on the community. Those blasting to super-stardom will be more demanding and harder to please, so, alternatively, you can go looking for an underdog and rock the house. Community interaction won't end merely at leaderboards, as you'll be able to visit your friends' concerts, too. You can pop into their world to check out the tunes, explode the pyrotechnics, or upgrade the cheap pizza joint if you really want to.

While this free-to-play title is still in development, it is scheduled to release later this year. With new ways to interact with players being conjured up and the possibility of "bosses" being explored, we can't wait for it to land so that we can throw a portable, office party. Is this a title that you wouldn't mind passing around with your friends? Leave your musical recommendations in the comments section below.

[via youtube.com]