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E3 2014: God of War III Director Stig Asmussen Swaps Titans for Titans

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony Santa Monica veteran joins Respawn Entertainment

God of War III director Stig Asmussen’s rumoured sci-fi PlayStation 4 exclusive may have been cancelled, but the talented developer has wasted no time landing back on his feet, revealing that he has hooked up with Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment. According to Polygon, the Sony veteran has been recruited as a game director.

While it would be safe to assume that he’s busy beavering away on the firm’s popular first-person franchise, the developer himself clarified in an email that he’s been working at the Californian company for a couple of months, and is not involved with the pseudo-Xbox One exclusive. Hopefully we’ll learn exactly what he’s up to in the coming months.


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Dohv said:

Uhhh. I don't understand why another SCEA studio like Naughty Dog couldn't pick him up.



bbq_boy said:

Great producer. Hope he does well at respawn. Wonder what the next talented producer will do to the GoW series. Maybe someone with film directing and gaming background would be quite awesome



KAPADO said:

Wha the he'll man. I had no idea he had left.
Thank god Cory Balrog* is on the team now. Gow2 was epic



staticdash22 said:

I'm sure after being with Sony for so many years, Stig wanted a fresh start. It makes sense for him to join a third party, and be able to stretch his imagination. Cory Barlog was brought back, so I'm thinking he's the new lead director of the studio. It's very apparent that Santa Monica is going through a reorganization at this point, probably because of over budget and bloating within the studio. They're kinda like SCE Japan before Alan Becker arrived, they had so many projects going on and less organization. It got to the point that their big projects suffered in quality and couldn't progress through development.

Think of all the collaborations SSM does, in addition to their own AAA games. I'm not surprised at all Sony is bringing back Barlog to right the ship after GOW ascension, and many agree that GOW2 was the best entry in the franchise. So good luck to Stig at respawn!




Conspiracy time! Sony has a master plan that involves some of their best and brightest to mysteriously sever ties and migrate to other companies and studios in order to infiltrate, divide and conquer! These so called lost talents are now AGENTS in this grand scheme that Sony has implemented. Operation KRSHNBRN is a go!

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